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Excuses for abandoning your child

Abandoning your child is not an ideal scenario no matter how you spin it. Children need their parents love, to guide them in life, and teach them important lessons along the way. 

However, maybe you’re in a situation where you cannot handle the stress and pressure of being a parent and feel that you are doing more harm to the child than good just by sticking around. Because of this, you may need an excuse to disappear from their life.

Giving an excuse for abandoning your child might be different for men and women, but either way, this scenario ranks near the top bottom of our morality meter.

Here is a list of excuses for abandoning your child:

  1. You were diagnosed with a severe mental illness disorder and you are a danger to their health.
  2.  You are convinced the child is not yours
  3. You committed a crime a long time ago that has finally caught up to you, and you’re being sent to jail.
  4. You’re a spy being sent away on a mission
  5. You are suffering from amnesia and don’t remember anything about your life
  6. You are convinced the child is the spawn of Satan
  7. Your partner forbid you from seeing the child ever again
  8. You were kidnapped or taken hostage

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