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Excuses for accidentally liking a photo 

Have you ever been scrolling on Instagram and accidentally liked a photo of somebody, or even worse, liked a photo of your crush?

Maybe if you unlike the photo really fast, it will be as if it never happened? Will that person still see the notification of you liking the photo? Either way, it seems like an embarrassing scenario to find yourself in, especially if you see that person regularly. 

Perhaps you are slick and confident enough to just own it and say, “Ya.. I liked that photo of you from 120 weeks ago. What’s up?”  

But for the rest of us, coming up with an excuse for liking that photo is the better option just in case the subject ever comes up.


Here is a list of excuses for accidentally liking a photo

  1. Your little brother or little sister got a hold of your phone and went on a liking rampage.
  2. You fell asleep and your fingers somehow found their way to that picture and liked it.
  3. Your mom confiscated your phone and liked the photo by accident.  She isn’t great with technology after all and didn’t know what she was doing.
  4. You pocket liked their photo.  Pocket dialing happens often enough.. so why can’t pocket liking be a thing?
  5. Your ex hacked your account and decided to play some tricks on you.
  6. Russians hacked your account and also decided to play some tricks on you.
  7. Your phone got infected with malware which just happened to like random photos of people.
  8. Your screen was cracked and you didn’t even see what you were doing on your phone. 
  9. You were pulled over by the cops for texting and driving.  The officer examined your phone, and when they returned it to you the photo was liked. 

  10. Your dog snatched your phone from your hands in their mouth, slobbered all over it, and in the process liked your photo.
  11. You thought you saw a ghost in the background of the photo so you zoomed in for closer inspection, but as it turned out there was no ghost, and an accidental like occurred instead.
  12. You were drunk. Enough said.

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