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Excuses for bruises

Bruises are like badges of honor. They show that you’ve been living your life to the fullest and taking risks. But sometimes, those bruises can be a bit of a mystery. How did you get that big bruise on your thigh? Was it from that fall you took while hiking? Or was it from that wild night out with your friends? Regardless of how you got them, bruises are a part of life. And sometimes, they come with some pretty funny stories.

There are a few excuses for having bruises that are commonly used. One is that you fell and hit yourself. This is a plausible explanation, especially if you have bruises on your knees or elbows. Another explanation is that you were playing a sport and got hit by a ball or another player. This is also a believable excuse, especially if you have bruises on your arms or legs. 

If you have bruises on your body that are not easily explained, you may need to get creative. You can start with the list of excuses below.


Here is a list of excuses for having bruises:

  1. You accidentally hit yourself.
  2. You bumped into something or someone.
  3. You slept awkwardly and bruised yourself.
  4. You’re a heavy sleeper and rolled out of bed and woke up on the ground.
  5. You play a lot of sports and are always getting injured.
  6. You have a medical condition or disease.
  7. You have an existing injury refuses to heal.
  8. Your dog was playing with you too aggressively and tackled you.
  9. You fell down the stairs.
  10. You tried to breakup a fight and got hit in the process. 
  11. You were at a petting zoo, got too close to one of the animals and they stepped on you.
  12. You’re on medication that can cause easy bruising as a side effect.
  13. You were helping an old lady cross the street and she just wouldn’t let go of your wrist with her iron grip.
  14. You got vaccinated for something, and the needle left a bruise.
  15. You are just a clumsy person, plain and simple.
  16. You got hurt at work, which is why you left early that day.
From the list of excuses for having bruises on your body, it is clear that some are more creative than others. However, all of them have the potential to be effective in the right situation. The most important thing is to be convincing and believable. With a little practice, you should be able to come up with the perfect excuse for any bruise you might have. 

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