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Excuses for dating a younger man

The dating game is supposed to be fun, even though sometimes it isn’t.  Most of us want to have that special someone in our lives – for companionship, support (emotional, financial etc.) and of course fun times in the bedroom – but to get what we want can sometimes feel like a serious chore.  Especially when we fall for someone who might not exactly fit into our perceived lifestyle at first.  Your love life is your own, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel the need to justify your partner to your friends and family.  One of these times when you might feel like explaining yourself is if you begin dating a person significantly younger than yourself.  We’re not talking about one, two or even five years younger – for your relationship to fall outside of the norm, an age gap of ten or more years is typically required.  If you’re in this type of relationship, that’s when you might need a handy excuse for dating a younger man.

Here is a list of excuses for dating a younger man:

  1. Your heart wants what it wants and they make you happy.
  2. Younger men tend to have less emotional baggage and you like that.
  3. You crave a lighthearted relationship and found it difficult to find that in your age group.
  4. Your younger partner is more adventurous.
  5. Your younger date appreciated your maturity.
  6. The sex is better.
  7. A younger partner lets you feel more in control of the relationship.
  8. You find a younger partner more attractive physically.
  9. There are way more younger people dating than you could find in your age group.
  10. Younger men often aim to please.
  11. You’re mature enough to handle a let down.
  12. You’re just looking for a bit of fun right now.
  13. He’s much more mature than he looks.
  14. He let’s you act immature and you like that.
  15. You like making your other (older) friends jealous.

To be quite honest, there’s nothing wrong with dating a younger man, and anyone asking you for a reason is likely just jealous of your romantic situation.  That’s why our list of excuses is more like a list of reasons you might want to date someone younger than yourself and could read more like a list benefits.  However, if you were wondering what you could tell your family or friends, then we hope this list has helped you out and put your mind at ease.

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