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Excuses for having a black eye

Excuses for having a black eye can be important, but sometimes we’re just unlucky and end up getting injured by accident. Other times, we may have been fighting or been in a dangerous situation where it was better to get hurt than fight back.

If you have a black eye, people may make assumptions about you. They may think you were in a fight or that you’re a troublemaker. They may even start to blame you for what happened. But don’t worry, there are plenty of excuses you can use to explain away your black eye. Maybe you ran into a door, or you were hit with a ball during a game. Whatever the case may be, don’t let people’s assumptions get to you.


Here is a list of excuses for having a black eye

  1. You were knocked over in a mosh pit.
  2. You were in a car accident.
  3. You slipped and fell.
  4. You were punched in the face when trying to break up a fight.
  5. You tripped over your own two feet.
  6. You ran into a pole.
  7. You fell into a doorknob.
  8. You had a seizure.
  9. Someone hit you because you were wearing their hat and they couldn’t tell who you were so they hit me.
  10. You felt disorientated and didn’t realize somehow you hit your head.
  11. You were drugged.
  12. Someone pushed you as they were running away from the cops.
  13. You were at the club, and slipped on a spilled drink.
  14. You drank too much caffeine and went nuts.
  15. Your puppy got too excited when they saw you and jumped into your face at full speed.
If you do find yourself with a black eye, don’t despair – rest, ice, and make-up can usually help you through until the bruising fades. In the meantime, try out some of these excuses and see how they work for you! 

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