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Excuses for having bad manners

Did you not say thank you to someone for holding the door? Maybe you never say please when asking a friend for a favour? Perhaps you are rude to people without realizing it. Whatever the situation, you may have bad manners or no manners at all, and need a reason to justify said rudeness. 

So what can you tell people that’s believable when it comes to your lack of pleases and thank you’s? If you have just been made aware that you lack the pleasantries most other people provide, then there are a few excuses you can give to compensate.

Next time you are called out for having bad manners, and you don’t want to work on improving your manners, consider using one of these excuses. 

Here is a list of excuses to use if you get called out on having bad manners:

  1. I didn’t realize they were mandatory.
  2. My parents never taught me to say thank you.
  3. I use money to show my appreciation instead.
  4. We never said please or thank you in my house.
  5. I take what I want, I don’t have to ask for it. 
  6. I don’t waste my breath on pleasantries.
  7. In my culture, you don’t need to use manners with friends and family, it’s just implied. 
  8. No one treats me with respect, so why should I? 
  9. I grew up in a barn.
  10. My parents abandoned me when I was little, and a group of stray dogs took me in.
  11. Living on the streets as a teenager beat it out of me. 

So there you have it, an extensive list of possible excuses for bad manners that you can use the next time you find yourself in a sticky social situation. Whether you’re trying to extract yourself from a business deal gone sour or simply trying to avoid talking to your chatty neighbour, these excuses should help you to smooth over any social faux pas.

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