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Excuses for keeping my camera off

After three years of constant video calls, Zoom meetings, and Facetime for work and personal matters, sometimes it’s just nice to turn off your video for that next conversation. Since the pandemic, video calls have been the biggest way for people to communicate with coworkers, clients, family members, and friends. In fact, Zoom had over 300 million participants on its platform per day in 2020. But it can be emotionally exhausting to interact with others through the lens of your computer camera all day, every day. Therefore, having some excuses for keeping your camera off will come in handy from time to time.

If you need a break from video chatting online, then you generally need to come up with reasons to not show your face in zoom or skype meetings. So next time your coworker calls you for a video meeting, or your mom wants to Facetime, consider using one of these excuses to keep your camera off. 

Here is a List of Excuses to Keep your Camera Off During Calls

Sometimes you just can’t be asked to go on video. But what happens when the caller won’t take a simple no for an answer? Below is a list of sixteen reasons to not show your face on zoom next time someone gives you a video call. 

  1. Your camera isn’t working due to a failed software update. 
  2. Your wifi connection is awful, and it will slow down your computer too much. 
  3. You’re still in your pyjamas. 
  4. You’re not feeling too well today. 
  5. You have pinkeye. 
  6. You have a bad zit you don’t want anyone to see. 
  7. You’re having a bad hair day. 
  8. You’re currently eating food. 
  9. You don’t have the emotional energy today.  
  10. Your roommate is cooking in the background. 
  11. Your children are playing in the background. 
  12. Your house is a mess right now. 
  13. You are in the middle of renovating your house. 
  14. You’re in a dark room, so they wouldn’t be able to see you anyways. 
  15. You just had surgery on your face and are too self-conscious for people to see.
  16. You’re currently driving or out and about, so a regular phone call will have to do. 

Sometimes you just aren’t in the mood to converse face-to-face online. Digital communication can be emotionally overtaxing day in and day out. With these top reasons to not show your face on Zoom, you can take a break from connecting through video and relax like you’re taking a regular phone call. 

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