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Excuses for not bringing a gift

Have you just recently shown up late to a family member’s birthday party without a gift? Or, maybe your friend just had a housewarming, and you arrived empty-handed while everyone brought something for the hostess? No fear- here are some excuses when not bringing a gift to a party can help you escape this awkward situation.

Should you need a reason at the ready when it comes to showing up to a gathering without a gift for the guest of honour, this list can help you. Therefore, consider using one of these excuses next time you don’t bring a gift to a party. 

Here is a list of excuses to use if you forgot to bring a gift to someone’s party:

  1. You didn’t realize this was an occasion for gifts.
  2. We said no gifts years ago.
  3. You thought your presence was enough.
  4. The invite didn’t say anything about gifts.
  5. You’re running low on finances and had to put the money towards food this week instead. 
  6. Their gift is still in the mail, and you’ll get it to them when it arrives. 
  7. What you wanted to get them is on backorder, so it will arrive later. 
  8. The store was sold out of their perfect gift and nothing else compared. 
  9. You left their present at home on the kitchen counter.
  10. You accidentally left their present on the subway/bus/train on the way here.
  11. You didn’t want to get them something they didn’t even need.
  12. You’re saving their house from clutter.
  13. They don’t like your taste in gifts anyways, so why bother? 
  14. You made a donation to charity in their honour instead but you lost the certificate. 
  15. You were mugged on the way here, and they stole everything, including their present.
  16. A homeless person asked you for change but you had none, so you gave them their gift instead. 
  17. There was a hostage situation you walked by on the way to the party and the only thing the criminal would exchange the hostages for was their gift. 

If you’re looking for a way out of bringing a gift at the cost of a few minutes of awkwardness, these excuses will do the trick. With a little thought and preparation, you can save yourself the hassle, time, and money for coming up with that last-minute gift.

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