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14 Excuses for Screenshotting [How to Take Them in Secret]

Have you ever taken a screenshot of something you weren’t supposed to? Or maybe it was just an accident.  If you find yourself in this situation and need to explain yourself, you might need to come up with a few excuses for taking screenshots.

Some people might not think it’s a big deal and just confess that they took it because they wanted to. However, not everyone is this bold. The two major social apps where people need excuses for screenshots are Snapchat and Instagram. These two apps have built-in notification systems when someone takes a screenshot of your pictures or videos.

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      Good excuses for screenshotting


      Keep reading if you want a good list of excuses for taking screenshots with Snapchat and Instagram. 

      1. Putting on my phone case

      This is one of the most plausible excuses for taking screenshots because when put on your cell phone case, sometimes the buttons on the side get mashed by accident resulting in a screenshot. In addition to that, sometimes you can open an app by accident while putting on your phone case as well. 

      2. Trying to turn up the volume

      Turning up the volume on your phone is another good excuse for taking screenshots because like the excuse above, it involves clicking the side buttons on your phone. If you mistakenly hit the wrong combination of buttons, a screenshot can take place.

      This is a good excuse for screenshotting a snap if your volume was on low, you’re going to want to turn it up so you can listen to the contents of the snap.

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      3. Battery was at 69%

      Okay, this is a bit of a silly excuse, but believe it or not, people will often take a screenshot if their batter is at 69%. This is an especially good excuse for screenshotting a snap if the snap is spicy, to begin with. 

      4. Back tap or Quick tap was enabled

      With Apple and certain Android phones, you can actually use a feature called Back tap (Apple) or Quick tap (Android) which allows you to perform an action, such as a screenshot, by double tapping on the back of your phone.

      Back tap instructions from the Apple website
      Image taken from Apple

      As you can imagine, having this feature enabled will cause you to screenshot a lot of things by mistake. This is a very good excuse for screenshotting a snap or an Instagram picture. 

      5. The time was 11:11 

      A bit of another silly excuse, but people will sometimes take screenshots when the time on the clock reads certain numbers. For example, if the time says 11:11. Why might someone do this? Well, the time 11:11 is thought to be an angel number or a master number. These are numbers that we always seem to notice and may have a connection to your guardian angel. 

      6. I was cleaning my screen

      Cleaning your screen can cause you to take unwanted actions on your phone like opening an app, typing something by mistake, or even taking a screenshot.

      If someone sends you a snap, but your phone screen was dirty and you want to fully see the images or video, you might attempt to clean it causing an accidental screenshot.

      7. Phone glitched out

      With technology, especially older technology, glitches are bound to happen. You can use the phone glitch as an excuse for taking screenshots, especially if you have an old phone.

      You could also say that you recently dropped your phone, and ever since then, it’s been acting up and glitching at random.

      8. Battery was at 1%

      Your phone was about to die, and you knew it could happen at any second since you were on 1% and not close to a charger. Because of this, you took a screenshot so you didn’t miss anything. 

      9. Younger brother or sister did it

      If you really want to pass the blame to someone else, you can use your younger sibling. You were just being a good older brother or sister and letting them play with your phone. 

      If your sibling is really young, they won’t be able to explain themself, so it’s a perfect excuse!

      10. Trying to turn your phone off

      You were trying to turn your phone off, maybe you hit the wrong button or used the wrong combination of buttons and took a screenshot by mistake.

      If you use this as an excuse for screenshotting, then you better have another one lined up for why you turned your phone off. 

      11. Had too much to drink

      Blame the alcohol. People have been doing it for centuries when something goes wrong and they don’t want to take accountability. Saying you had too much to drink might be a good excuse for screenshotting, depending on the person you’re giving the excuse to. 

      This excuse will also help if you’re not an excessive alcoholic! Maybe you rarely drink but had a few too many this one time, so it’s a bit more forgivable.

      12. It was an accident

      Saying it was an accident is believable because mistakes happen. There isn’t much need for a long-winded story here either. Simply saying, “Sorry, it was an accident” might be good enough! Whether or not that person believes you, is another story.

      13. You just really like them

      Explaining the reason for screenshotting someone through flattery could also be another good option. After all, who doesn’t like a nice compliment from time to time? If you are a nice person, this excuse will come off as sweet.

      Just try not to overdo it with the compliments, or it can turn creepy / stalkery real quick. 

      14. You saw something in the background

      This excuse might work if it’s a screenshot of a person, place, or thing. It won’t work if it’s a screenshot of a conversation.

      Saying that you thought you saw something weird (like a ghost) in the background is definitely far out there, but if you believe in the supernatural, then you could be forgiven! 

      How to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing

      Apps like Snapchat have built-in notifications for people who take screenshots of someone’s snap unlike a lot of other social media platforms. 

      However, there are two easy ways you can avoid having your screenshot notify the person snapping you.

      screenshot of android dropdown menu showing the screen recorder

      1. Use the screen recorder on Android phones:

      Unfortunately, the ability to use the screen recorder function in secret is only an option for Android users.

      • Open the Snap you want to take a screenshot of
      • Swipe down to access the Control Panel from the top of your screen
      • Click the Screen recorder button
      • Click on Start recording
      • A countdown will begin in 3, 2, 1. 
      • At this point, your phone will capture anything that is on your screen. Press the square (stop) button to end the screen capture.

      screen recording in progress on android

      2. Use another phone or camera to take the picture

      This method is a bit cheekier. Of course, you’ll need to have access to another phone or camera. Not everyone will have this option and in addition to that, the picture quality will become worse. However, if you take picture of someone’s Snap using this method, they will 100% never find out. 

      Why does Snapchat notify users people are taking screenshots of their content?

      Whether or not you believe that Snapchat was initially intended for sending nude photos, that is what the app became popular for, especially with young people. 

      Self-destructing photos and videos took sending nudes to a whole new level. The problem with this, especially with younger kids, is there’s no way to regulate, prevent, or monitor this.

      Snapchat made it so taking screenshots would notify users if their content was being captured. By no means will this prevent users from screenshotting, but it may stop a percentage of people from doing it if they know the sender will be notified. 

      Be careful of the pictures and videos you send people

      The best way to prevent any scandalous photo or video from being screenshotted is to not send them in the first place! This is common sense, even if you trust the person you are sending them to. 

      Relationships end, but saved pictures and videos can last forever! 

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