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Excuses for your phone breaking

It’s never a good thing and definitely not fun when your phone gets broken.  It’s expensive to replace, a hassle to get repaired and it’s not like you can go about your daily life properly without it.

Sometimes, stuff happens, and you might break the screen, damage the case, or screw up royally and mistakenly go swimming with your phone still in your pocket.  Worse yet, this might not be the first time you’ve damaged your phone, and either your parents, your significant other, or even your friends might be asking “How the @#$% did you bust another device??”  You might also need to explain to the warranty service or phone company what happened.

That’s when you ‘ll need a handy excuse to shift the blame and get you off the hook.  Hopefully the following excuses for breaking your phone can help ease the fallout you might be about to receive.

Here is a list of excuses for breaking your phone:

  1.  You dropped the phone by accident.  (It happens, right?)
  2.  You tripped and fell on the phone which was secure in your pocket.
  3.  You sat on it accidentally.
  4.  Your jeans were just too darn tight and cracked the screen.
  5.  Someone tried to steal it from you and it got broken during the ensuing scuffle.
  6.  You lent it to a friend and they returned it broken.  How could they?!?!
  7.  You were using it to pay at the store and it slipped out of your hand.
  8.  You had a fight with your significant other and they smashed it out of rage.
  9.  You forgot it on the roof of your vehicle and drove away.
  10.   The phone fell out of your pocket while driving and went under the seat (where  the screen got cracked).
  11.  A bird (a larger seagull, an eagle or a raven) plucked the phone straight out of your hand and flew away, only to drop it later on.  “Bombs away!”
  12.  Some curious apes at the safari roughed you up and stole your phone as hood tax. 
  13.  You were recording an epic drop at an EDM concert and dropped your phone.  The mosh stepped all over it until it broke.  “If only I could show you how lit that party was, bro!”
  14.  Some a-hole threw a punch at you but luckily your phone took the impact and saved you from injury.
  15.  “Because I got high, because I got high, because I got hiiiiiiiighhh!” – Afroman.

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mr bob
mr bob
1 year ago


1 year ago

the because I got high had me laughing

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