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Excuseindex.com is the largest online index of excuses for situations that you might happen to find yourself in. We understand that it might be uncomfortable to use an excuse to get out of something or to rationalize poor behavior, but sometimes you just need one.

The purpose of this site is not to encourage lying to people, but to:

  • Make light and provide humor to complicated situations.
  • Help save you from an embarrassing moment.
  • Spare someone’s hurt feelings.
  • Ease social anxiety.
  • Provide a release valve for stressful moments.
  • Show off your creativity when in a sticky situation!

The Excuse Index is meant to be satire, so don’t take anything we write on here too seriously!

Update: Dec 28, 2022:

All the content written on excuseindex.com is written by humans. 

With the recent and ongoing AI trend, specifically with ChatGPT, we feel it’s important to differ ourselves from other websites. For this reason, we are proud to say that none of the content created on this website uses AI technology. 

Even though most of the content written on this site is satire, a lot of research goes into planning the content and making sure it is factually correct. 

To get in touch with Hans, email him at hans@excuseindex.com