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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find some of the most frequently asked questions we have received from visitors on our website.  We will update this page periodically with more questions and answers when they come in.

A lot of the excuses on this site WILL work as long as you are committed to selling the excuse. Although some of our excuses are far-fetched, most are quite reasonable and should work.


Nothing is 100% of course!

Telling the truth is often the best case scenario for most things in life. However, there are situations where using an excuse will help and no one will be hurt in the process.  Nobody will get mad at you if you use an excuse to save yourself from an incredibly embarrassing or dangerous situation.


A tip of advice though, if you're going to constantly be using excuses, you better have a good memory to keep track of them all!

The excuses found on this website come from a combination of our own personal experiences and simply making them up!  We also get comments and submissions from our readers that we periodically add to the website as well. 

We are constantly updating our content with new excuses when we think of them to keep things fresh!

There are different factors which contribute to executing the perfect excuse and having someone believe it.  The most important things are committing to your excuse and doubling down when in doubt. 

Sometimes the most simply excuse will work such as claiming you are sick.  Other times, the more ridiculous the excuse the better, because the person you're giving the excuse to might think that there is no way you could have made something like that up... it has to be true!

If you need help perfecting your excuse techniques, visit our page on: What makes a good excuse and how to sell it

Whenever you use an excuse for any situation, you are making a choice.  Our goal is to help you make the outcome of that choice less difficult on you and we hope you do not get in trouble for it.  Please keep in mind, this some of the content on this site is satirical and is meant to be fun, so use these excuses with discretion! 

It's possible we have overlooked a situation or scenario that requires a good excuse.  In that case, let us know! Visit our SUBMIT AN EXCUSE page and send us a request for help with an excuse.