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Excuses for a broken window

There are a few excuses that could be used for breaking a window. Maybe someone was trying to break into your home and you had to defend yourself. Maybe a storm knocked a tree branch into your window. Maybe you were moving furniture and accidentally knocked something into the window. Whatever the reason, it’s important to have a good excuse for breaking a window. Otherwise, you may have to pay for the damages yourself!

Here is a list of excuses for a broken window:

  1. You were closing the window and it slipped out of your hand.
  2. An unknown person threw a rock at it.
  3. You were moving furniture and accidentally hit the window.
  4. You locked yourself out of the house and had to break the window to get in.
  5. You were washing the window with hot water and it suddenly shattered.
  6. You were cooking and some grease splattered on the window, which somehow caused it to break.
  7. A bird flew into it (survived luckily!)
  8. You were trying to kill a spider, but it dodged your attempt to end its life and you accidentally broke the window.
  9. You were cleaning with a broom and it slipped from your hand, accidentally breaking the window.
  10. There was a storm, and a tree branch swung into the window.
  11. You were putting up holiday decorations, lost your grip on the ladder and fell into the window.
  12. You were trying to reenact the last minute touchdown thrown in the football game, but overthrew the ball and it smashed the window.
  13. A gust of wind knocked a plant over, and it hit the window causing it to break.
  14. An 18-wheeler drove down the street and its tire spun which flung a rock right at the window.
  15. Some neighborhood kids were playing a game and threw a ball through it.
  16. You were playing a Mariah Carey song on full blast, and her vocals shattered the window.
There are a variety of excuses you could use for breaking a window, ranging from the practical to the far-fetched. However, no matter what excuse you use, make sure you have a plan for fixing the window after you break it! 

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