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Excuses for accidentally calling someone

If you accidentally call someone and hang up right away, will the person still see your name on their caller ID? Unless you have a blocked number, then the answer is yes. If the phone rings, then your number is on their screen. Therefore, you may want to have some excuses handy if they call back or text you asking why you called them. 

Maybe even a quick, ‘Sorry I mistakenly called you’, will do the trick. But what happens if you dialed your ex-partner you haven’t talked to in years, an old friend you aren’t on good terms with anymore, or a socially awkward coworker? Then a better excuse for accidentally calling them might be necessary. So, with these tricky situations in mind, here is a list of excuses for calling someone accidentally. 

What Do You Say When You Call Someone Accidently?

An unanswered butt dial is bad, but an answered one is even worse. If the person you accidentally called picks up the phone, what can you say to make the situation less awkward than it already is? Here is how to say sorry for wrong call with the perfect excuse. 

  1. You accidentally butt-dialed them. 
  2. Siri/ Alexa misheard your voice command and called the wrong person. 
  3. You haven’t updated your speed dial in a while. 
  4. Your kid was playing with your phone and called them by accident. 
  5. Your cat stepped on your phone.
  6. You had their number wrongly saved in your phone contacts.
  7. Your phone was in your bag with the lock screen off, and it called a random number. 
  8. You were trying to call another person with the same name as them.
  9. You were teaching your grandparent how to use the cell phone, and they pressed the call button. 
  10. Your cell has a cracked screen making it hard to read your phone contacts. 
  11. You’re a random stranger who found this phone and is calling the contacts to get it back to its rightful owner. 
  12. Someone stole your phone and made random calls for fun. 
  13. Anonymous hacked your phone, and they are out to get you.

With this list of excuses for calling a number accidentally, you can get out of any tricky situation that a butt dial may have put you in. So next time your phone has a mind of its own and calls someone you don’t want to talk to, keep these excuses in your back pocket to cut that awkward and unwanted conversation short. 

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