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5 Excuses For Getting Caught Vaping and How to Explain it

Are you one of the 55 million + Americans who love to vape? Clearly, you’re not alone. Although vaping is more socially acceptable than smoking traditional cigarettes these days, it is still frowned upon by certain groups of people.

Maybe your parents found your vape and have a lot of questions for you, or perhaps you were seen blowing a thick cloud in a public space by someone you know. For these reasons, you might need a few excuses if you get caught vaping.

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      The following is a list of excuses for getting caught vaping

      This list of excuses for getting caught vaping can be used in a pinch. Most people will likely figure out that you have a vape, but in case they don’t, some of these excuses might work. Here’s how to explain yourself.

      1. It’s just your inhaler

      Claiming that your vape is actually an inhaler might work depending on how gullible the person you’re trying to convince is. There are vapes that are shaped like inhalers.

      vapes that look like inhalers
      Image from Vaping Daily

      Although these vapes like identical to an inhaler, if you’re blowing a massive cloud from it, people might get suspicious.

      2. It’s an aromatherapy vaporizer

      Another excuse you could try if you get caught vaping is to claim it’s some sort of aromatherapy vaporizer. These do exist, but they don’t usually look like vapes. However, if the person asking questions doesn’t know much about vaping or aromatherapy, this could easily work.

      aromatherapy oils

      If this excuse works, then the person asking might want to try it.  At that point, you’ll need to come up with another excuse and say you’re sick or that you don’t want their germs.

      3. It’s cold outside and it’s your breath

      If you get caught vaping outside and live in a colder climate, you can claim that it’s just your breath making that cloud.

      man blowing his cold breath into the air at night

      Of course, this will be difficult to believe if it’s warm outside. This excuse will only work in the fall or winter in places where it gets chilly outside.

      4. You were only trying it

      If you get caught vaping, then another option is to just fess up, but claim that you were only trying it. It’s perfectly understandable that young adults and teens will try smoking or vaping at some point in their lives.

      teen trying vaping

      If you are telling the truth and have only tried vaping a couple of times, then hopefully it doesn’t stick.

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      5. I plead the fifth

      You can always try to plead the fifth and simply not answer any questions if you get caught vaping. If you can get away with keeping your lips sealed and escape an awkward conversation, then kudos to you.

      girl with her mouth sealed

      However, this might get you into more trouble since it makes it clear that you were caught vaping and don’t have a good excuse for it.

      What to say when your parents find your vape?

      If your parents find your vape, there are a few things you can say to try and get out of trouble.  However, at this point, the truth might be your best option. If you tell them it’s yours, you can say that you only tried it a few times and that you didn’t like it.

      You could also try and claim that the vape is not what they think, and that it is something else.

      What can vapes be disguised as?

      If your parents find your vape, you can try and pass it off as something else. There are vapes that are meant to be disguised as everyday items to try and avoid this problem from happening.

      Although it’s not likely they will fall for it, you can try and say your vape is one of the following items:

      1. Pen

      2. Handwarmer

      3. Inhaler

      4. Portable charger

      5. USB stick

      6. Recorder for school

      7. Highlighter

      8. Car keys

      9. Phone case

      10. Wallet

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      Are there discrete vapes so I don’t get caught and won’t have to make an excuse?

      There are discrete vapes you can purchase that are more appropriate for public places. These vapes hide better and are sometimes disguised. Of course, they are not invisible, so you will still need to exercise caution when vaping in public if you don’t want anyone to see them.

      These excuses for getting caught vaping might work in a pinch, but it’s best to be honest, especially if it’s your parents questioning you.

      The reality is, vaping is not as bad as smoking cigarettes, but it is still harmful to your health. If you’re going to vape, then the best way to reduce some of the negative impacts is to only vape in moderation.

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