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21 Fail-Proof Excuses For Having A Lighter 🔥

We all know that lighters are an essential part of any smoker’s toolkit. But sometimes, carrying a lighter can get you into trouble. Especially when you get stopped by a friend or family member who wants to know why you have one.  This is why it’s always good to have an excuse for having a lighter on hand.

Perhaps your mom was doing your laundry and found a lighter in your clothing pocket from a few nights ago and is now looking at you with disappointed eyes.
Or maybe your dad found it in your jacket pocket and he is PISSED!

Regardless of the situation, there are plenty of valid excuses for having a lighter which should get you off the hook from the judgement or anger you might receive.

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Here is a list of excuses for having a lighter

  1. It’s not yours! You were holding it for a friend.
  2. You needed it for science class in school.  Afterall, the school has been going through budget cutbacks.
  3. You and your friends like to hang out in the park and sometimes light bonfires.
  4. You were planning on going camping and having a lighter is necessary for starting the fire.
  5. Your friend started smoking and you don’t like it so you took their lighter away from them so they couldn’t smoke.
  6. You are going to a barbeque and were asked to contribute by bringing a lighter.
  7. Your friends house has been having power outages, and were bringing them a lighter to light candles.
  8. You prefer reading at night by candle light because it gives you a nostalgic feeling.
  9. You don’t smoke, but like having one on you to light cigarettes for attractive girls/boys at school.
  10. You get asked if you have a lighter every week by somebody, so you figured you may as well be useful and carry one.
  11. You are learning magic tricks that involve having a lighter.
  12. You bought new shoe laces, but the ends were damaged so you needed a lighter to fix the tips.
  13. You recently started a new hobby for building and shooting small rockets in the park.
  14. It is your friends birthday and you were lighting the candles on their cake.
  15. You were lighting fireworks.
  16. You are building a survival kit which involves having a lighter.
  17. You really like the smell of incense and need a lighter for it.
  18. Some lighters are just cool and you wanted to have one.
  19. You have taken up photography, and use it in the darkroom.
  20. You are starting a lighter collection – some can be quite valuable!
  21. You are coming clean and have been smoking, but you already quit!

There are plenty of reasons to carry a lighter aside from being a smoker.  Lot’s of non-smokers carry lighters because they come in handy all the time, and lets face it, they are pretty cool. Arguably, the greatest thing mankind ever discovered was fire and having a lighter in your pocket to make fire for certain situations reminds you of that. However, if you are a smoker and aren’t ready to come clean yet about your habit, these excuses for having a lighter should help get you out of a sticky situation.

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