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20 Legit Excuses for smelling like alcohol 🍺🍷

We all know the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” But, what about when life gives you tequila? You can’t very well make margaritas all the time, can you? 

Jokes aside, there are a lot of negative side effects of drinking alcohol as we all know, and one of the big side effects is smelling like it afterwards. It’s not just an immediate smell that goes away as soon as you stop drinking either.  You can smell like alcohol for hours (maybe even days) after drinking.  So even if you’re sobor, you can still reek like booze if you haven’t cleaned up properly. If you have found yourself in this situation more than once, you’ll want a list of excuses for smelling like alcohol.

There are many environments where smelling like alcohol is simply unacceptable, like at school, or in a professional job setting.  There can also be times when its not that big of a deal and a funny story about last night ensues.  

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Why someone might smell like the bar is a question we might not always want to know the answer to, but in case you need to explain yourself and come up with an excuse for smelling like alcohol, we have you covered.

Here is a list of excuses for smelling like alcohol

  1. You just came from a party.
  2. You went out for a drink with a few colleagues to discuss business. One drink turned into ten drinks before you knew it.
  3. You were cooking with alcohol, and some spilled on you.  
  4. You were cleaning up the house and used rubbing alcohol to remove a tough stain.
  5. You have a cold and drinking hot tea with a shot of rum in it clears up your sinuses.
  6. A homeless person spilled their alcohol on you on during your way to work. 
  7. Your friend was getting too drunk, so you tried to take away their drink when a struggle broke out, resulting in a spilled drink all over you.
  8. Your mouth wash contains alcohol.
  9. You were at a very classy wine tasting event. 
  10. The clumsy server at the restaurant you were at spilled an entire tray of drinks on you. 
  11. You were returning empty bottles which had some residual alcohol left in them when the bottles smashed and made a mess all over you.
  12. An old friend came in from out of town and insisted you go out drinking all night.
  13. Your parents liquor cabinet toppled over on you when you were attempting to move it.
  14. Some kids at school filled water guns with beer and sprayed you with it.
  15. You were opening a can of beer which had been excessively shaken. Open opening it, it exploded all over you.
  16. There was turbulence on the airplane and your neighbors drink spilled on you.
  17. Your hot water ran out, and weren’t able to shower to clean the stench of last night off you.
  18. Your cat knocked a bottle of alcohol off the shelf and it exploded everywhere.
  19. You picked up a couple night shifts at a bar to make some extra money and smelling like alcohol is part of the job.
  20. You read an article online about a trend that involves washing your hair with vodka.

Simply put, if you drink alcohol, you’re going to smell like it. There’s no way around it.  Of course there are situations where you’re the designated driver, and yet someone still manages to spill alcohol on you.  It happens!  Our best advice is to be cautious of your surroundings, how much you drink, and try to mask the smell with good hygiene and fragrance. 

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