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45 Good Excuses To Leave The House When You Need To Escape

Are you looking for excuses to leave the house? You might need to leave for a few minutes or even a few hours without raising suspicion.

Using excuses to leave your house isn’t just for annoyed teens who want to escape their parents either. A breath of fresh air might relax your nerves if you’re in a relationship and your partner annoys you. Or maybe you’re a parent, and you need to escape your kid who’s giving you attitude for no apparent reason.

Perhaps you have a secret habit like smoking or drinking that you can’t do in the house, so you need a list of excuses to leave the house for a few minutes.

Maybe you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, and you want to be able to identify those excuses to leave the house to cheat. Has their behavior changed? You know something is off but can’t exactly put your finger on it.

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      Furthermore, this article will provide you with the best excuses to get out of the house and ways to figure out when someone is giving you an excuse if you suspect foul play.

      20 good excuses to leave the house

      The following is a list of good excuses to leave the house that will not raise suspicion. These excuses can be used by teenagers and adults alike. So if you’re looking to get out of the house for a bit with an excuse, here is how to do it:

      1. You need some fresh air

      Stepping outside to get some fresh air is a good excuse to leave the house on those days when you need to calm yourself and relax a bit. Breathing in fresh air is good for the mind and the soul. It can boost your mood, lower your heart rate, and increase energy levels. Sometimes we need to reset ourselves mentally, and getting a breath of fresh air can do that.

      2. You have an errand to run

      You know those errands you’ve been putting off for a while now? Well, today is the perfect day to get them done. Especially since you’ve been itching to get out of the house for a bit. Maybe your husband or wife has been irritating you and you just need a good excuse to get out of the house. There are lots of different types of errands you can run to accomplish just this.

      3. You have an appointment

      A last-minute appointment is another one of those excuses to leave the house that can work multiple times. If you say you have an appointment, you can always claim that there will be follow-up appointments involved as well. You can claim you have an appointment with your doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, or psychiatrist. You have lots of options here!

      4. Taking a dog for a walk

      Taking the dog for a walk is a great way to get out of the house on a regular basis. Dogs need lots of walks and depending on your dog, it might require you to take them out 3-4 times per day. If you’re looking for excuses to leave the house, but don’t have a dog, then maybe you should consider getting one!

      5. You are meeting a friend

      Going to meet a friend is another great example of a reason to leave the house. It’s important to maintain friendships, and face-to-face interaction is also important for your mental health. You love your family of course, but seeing someone outside of your family circle from time to time is necessary for your own sanity.

      6. You have a job interview

      If you’ve been unemployed for a long time, going to a job interview is not only a great excuse to get out of the house, but it will make your partner or parents happy that you have a prospect in a new line of work. You don’t even need to be unemployed either to use this excuse. If you have a job but are looking for something better, a job interview is the perfect reason to leave the house for a bit. Of course, if you’re going to use this, make sure you dress the part and don’t look like a slob when you step out the door.

      7. You have to give something back to a friend

      Your friend has been asking for that thing you borrowed back for some time now. Their patience is wearing thin with you, so you better go return it!

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      8. Can’t connect to Wifi

      Using a poor internet connection is another reason on our list of excuses to leave the house that works for students and people who work remotely. If you can’t connect to your Wifi, how are you supposed to get anything done? The cafe down the street has a seat with your name on it, plus free Wifi!

      9. You have to exchange something at a store

      A lot of stores have 30-60 day return policies for items you’ve purchased. Although you like the new jeans you bought, they just don’t fit right and today is the last day you can return them.

      10. You have to attend a work meeting

      A lot of companies require “team building” meetings to happen outside of work hours. You don’t want to seem like a poor sport and be the only one to miss out, so you need to leave the house for a few hours and participate in a work meeting with your boss and co-workers.

      11. You are going to a yoga class

      Maybe you are a yogi master, or you’re just starting out. Regardless of your experience, going to a yoga class is a great way to leave the house. It’s one of those excuses to get out of the house that works because it shows a commitment to self-improvement. If your partner or parents are always nagging you to be more active, then doing a yoga class is a great start.

      12. There is an event you want to attend

      There are lots of events you can use as a way to get out of the house. It could be a concert, a play, a car show, or even a Comicon event. If you use this excuse, you’ll need to plan things around the events in your location.

      13. You have practice

      If you’re a student or young adult, then using practice is a good excuse to get out of the house for a bit. It could be for your sports team, band, cheerleading, or dance. There are many things somebody would need to practice for, and although we mentioned this excuse was good for younger people, it can also be used by older adults.

      14. You bought or sold something on Craigslist

      Buying and selling on Craigslist is great for saving money on a previously used item or making a bit of cash for something you’re not using anymore like an old cellphone. Usually, you will need to go meet in person for the exchange to happen, so this could be a good excuse to escape the house for a bit.

      15. You are doing your hobby

      If you have a hobby or are thinking about starting up a new hobby, then it can be a reason to leave the house. Here is a list of hobbies that might help you accomplish this:

      • Gardening
      • Photography
      • Hiking
      • Camping
      • Boxing
      • Playing chess
      • Flying a kite
      • Going swimming
      • Sun tanning
      • Paintballing

      16. You need to help a friend in distress

      Maybe you have a friend who’s always in distress. It could be someone you’ve known for only a short time or you’ve known your whole life. Either way, you want to be a good friend and help them whenever possible. You’d feel horrible if something happened to them and you didn’t try as much as you could to make them feel better.

      17. You have to go to work

      If you do shift work, you might be on call to take a last-minute shift. Sometimes you’re not given a lot of notice either. So if you get a phone call and it’s work asking you to come in to take a shift, you’ll need to go if you want to make some money.

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      18. You are going for a run

      Running is one of the best excuses to get out of the house and one of the best ways to stay in shape! If you’re feeling stressed out, then a run can cure that. There is a term called ‘runners high’ which is a feeling of euphoria that runners get during and after a run. So if you need to get out of the house for a bit, you can claim you’re going after that runner’s high and you’ll be home later!

      19. You need to clear your head

      Clearing your head is another good reason to leave the house for a bit and relieve stress. A great way to do that is just to get outside and walk. Listening to music or a podcast is a great way to shift your focus from whatever has been stressing you. This excuse is definitely good to use after a long day of work.

      20. You are going to see a family member

      Do you have a brother or sister that you are close with that lives somewhere else? It’s great to keep in touch with family, especially if you don’t live with them. Using family as an excuse to get out of the house for a bit is another good example that won’t raise suspicion. If you don’t have a brother or sister, perhaps a cousin, aunt, uncle, or your parents can work, depending on your individual situation.

      10 excuses to leave the house for a few hours

      If you need an excuse to leave the house for an extended period of time, like a few hours, then try one of these excuses.

      1. You are going to a friend’s house to do homework

      If you’re a student, then telling your parents that you need to leave the house for a few hours to do homework at a friend’s house is always a good excuse. They might question why you can’t do it alone at home, but there are easy answers to give them if they ask that.

      • It’s a group project
      • They know the subject better and are helping you
      • Alternatively, it could be you helping them
      • You study/work better with others around

      2. You are going to the library to study

      If your house is too distracting, then using the library as a reason to leave the house for a few hours is a great idea. Libraries are meant to be quiet, so if there is too much going on at your place, it is the perfect sanctuary. Your parents will be happy that you’re taking school so seriously in the process.

      3. You are going to the gym

      The gym is another classic example of a way to get out of the house for a few hours at a time. The more you go to the gym, the more frequently you want to go once you start seeing those gains. Therefore, you can use this excuse on repeat, a few times per week.

      4. You are going to watch the game at a friend’s

      Watching the game at your friend’s place is a good way to escape the chaos in your house. Maybe you have a few drinks and split a pizza in the process. If you’re a diehard sports fan and never miss a game, this is a good excuse, especially if other family members occupy the TV in your home.

      5. You are going to the movies

      Maybe you are still one of those people who like going to the movies by themself, or perhaps you really love movie popcorn. Either way, using going to the movies as an excuse to leave the house is good for a few hours.

      6. There’s a work event you need to attend

      Work events rarely last under an hour. So, using a work event as an excuse is a good way to get out of the house for a few hours. You want to fit in at your job and with your co-workers, so it’s important you seem like a team player. Besides, work events can be pretty fun with the right team.

      7. You are helping a friend move

      Moving is never fun, and it always takes at least a few hours to unload all the items from the moving truck into the house. You can use helping a friend move as a reason to get out of the house for at least 3 hours. On top of that, if your friend has any decency at all, they will offer up some food and drinks for your hard work, tacking on another hour of your time away from home.

      8. Your car needs servicing

      Getting your car serviced for regular maintenance, an oil change, or swapping your tires is a process that can take quite a while. Especially if the dealership is busy. This is an excuse that shouldn’t be used all that frequently, but you can bust it out when you can’t think of anything else.

      9. You are volunteering at a local organization

      There are many places in desperate need of volunteers. The local food bank, homeless shelters, Red Cross, and soup kitchens are all popular spots to volunteer at. Rarely do you volunteer at these places for under 3 hours, so therefore this excuse might get you out of the house for a good chunk of time.

      10. You are going to play a round of golf

      Eighteen holes of golf can take quite a long time, especially if you’re playing with a slow group of people. If you’re going to use golf as an excuse to get out of the house, you need to go all out and pack your golf bag and wear some funky clothing.

      10 excuses to leave the house for a few minutes

      Sometimes you need to leave the house for only a few minutes because you are a secret smoker or you need to make a private phone call. There are many reasons you might need to get out of the house for only a few minutes, some of which we highlight below.

      1. You are filling the car up with gas

      The price of gas is high these days, and that’s why if the price drops, you should go out and fill up the car. Pinching every penny can help you save for that shiny new item you want or your dream vacation. This means taking advantage when gas dips below its usual price. Depending on the lineup of cars to get gas and the distance the gas station is from your house, this excuse will get you out of the house for 10-20 minutes.

      2. You have to mail a letter or package

      Even with e-mail and the internet, people still do need to mail letters. There are many different reasons why you might be mailing a letter or package, which makes it a good excuse to step out for a few minutes.

      3. You need to go to the bank

      Do you like always having a bit of cash on hand? Having a few bucks in your wallet is a good idea, even though most people and places accept cards or Venmo. You never know when you might find yourself in a situation where cash is the only form of payment accepted. For this reason, claiming you need to step out for a few minutes to get some cash is a good reason to leave the house for a few minutes.

      4. You are going to the store

      Whether it’s a lottery ticket, a bag of chips, batteries, or a loaf of bread, there are many reasons why you need to go to the store. Getting out of the house for a few minutes to go to the store is believable, as long as you come back with something. On the other hand, you could always claim they didn’t have what you were looking for.

      5. You need to take out the trash

      Taking out the trash is an excuse that will get you out of the house for only a few minutes, but if you need a quick breather, then this is a good option. Unless there is a rabid animal outside guardian your garbage bin, then you can claim you had to fend it off, and that will buy you a few extra minutes.

      6. To investigate a noise outside

      Did you hear that? There’s a noise coming from outside. It could be nothing, but to be safe, you are going to go investigate it. Hopefully, it’s just the wind or an aminal making the noise, however, it might take a few minutes to get to the bottom of it.

      7. You need to make a quick call

      Sometimes you like taking a call outside if your house is noisy or there are too many people around. Getting outside for a few minutes to take a call may look like you’re trying to hide something, but of course, you aren’t. It’s just an innocent excuse to leave the house for a few minutes.

      8. To let the dog out to do their business

      A well-trained dog will let you know when it’s time for them to do their business. You could also be proactive and decide to take them even if they aren’t showing signs of having to go. You can use this excuse every day to escape for a few minutes.

      9. To go get the car washed

      If you are a car owner and take a lot of pride in keeping your ride nice and clean, then this is a good excuse. Some people will have their car washed even with the smallest speck of dirt showing.

      10. To get a coffee

      Using coffee as an excuse to leave the house for a few minutes is good, but should only be used in the morning or afternoon. Some people might enjoy a late-night coffee, but it’s definitely not the typical time you’d go to your local cafe to get one.

      5 excuses to leave the house at night

      Making excuses to leave the house at night is more difficult than during the day. There is often less reason to leave the house at night, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done! The following list of excuses to leave the house are specific to nighttime.

      1. You have night school

      Taking a class or two can be used as an excuse to leave the house at night. You can use this excuse if you’re faking, but it will require a lot of acting.

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      2. You are meeting a friend for a drink

      Meeting a friend to get a drink at the local pub is a good excuse to get out of the house at night. Sometimes a drink turns into a few, which could mean you’ll be out all night. Hopefully, things don’t get out of control, otherwise good luck trying to use this excuse in the future.

      3. People from work invited you out

      Maybe you started a new job and you are trying to get to know people better at work. If they invite you out at night to get together, this is a good opportunity to do just that. You want to fit in and get to know your coworkers better, so you can’t turn down this opportunity.

      4. To look at the stars

      It may seem a bit corny, but you want to get out of the house for a bit at night to look at the stars. This excuse is better suited for young adults and teenagers who are in a relationship. Star gazing is a great date idea on a clear and warm summer evening.

      5. You have to work the night shift

      There are lots of jobs that have night shift work. This could be your full-time job, or maybe you only pick up an extra shift or two a week at night time to help pay the bills. On the flip side, some people prefer to work at night and only want to work these shifts.

      How to identify excuses to leave the house to cheat on your partner

      Does your partner make a lot of excuses to leave the house? Maybe you have been suspicious of their activities for some time now, but don’t want to come off as insecure. There are some signs that your partner might be cheating on you.

      1. They are always making up excuses to leave the house at odd times on short notice
      2. They have become emotionally distant from you
      3. They try to hide what they are doing on their phone from you
      4. They are spending less time with you
      5. They get agitated easier than before
      6. They start putting more effort into their physical appearance
      7. They become defensive when you ask them questions
      8. They come home wearing different colognes or perfumes
      9. They avoid certain public places with you
      10. They are overall less interested in talking to you, your opinions, and your feelings

      Of course, we want to stress that even if your partner is displaying some of these changes in behavior, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheating. They could be going through something new or difficult in their lives that they don’t feel like talking about.

      If you think they are using excuses to leave the house to cheat on you, then you should try and have an open conversation with them and get to the bottom. The sooner you figure out the truth, the sooner you can move on with your life.

      If you need excuses to leave the house, then you might be in an uncomfortable situation at home. Whether you’re annoyed with your nosy parents, need a break from your kids, or simply just want to be alone for a bit, we hope these excuses have helped.

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