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Excuses for a friend not to come over

It’s not you, it’s me. I just feel like being alone today.  These thoughts might be swirling through your head when a friend wants to come over, but you really don’t want them to. It’s not that they are a bad friend, it’s just that you need some space right now and feel like you’d be horrible company anyways. 
9 times out of 10, your friend is welcome at your house, but on occasion, you need some time to yourself. If you need to make up an excuse to keep your friend from coming over, here are some options which hopefully don’t upset them too much.

Here is a list of excuses you can tell your friend for them not to come over

  1. You’re sick and might be contagious.
  2. You’re too tired and might fall asleep while they’re over.
  3. You got food poisoning and can’t stop pooping. 
  4. Your boss called and you have to work overtime on a project.
  5. Your teacher announced there would be a pop quiz tomorrow, so you have to study.
  6. You ran out of clean clothes and have to spend the next 6 hours doing laundry.
  7. Your parents won’t allow any guests over until you do all your household chores. 
  8. Your parents want to have a family only games night.
  9. Your sibling is having a sleepover and there’s too many people in the house.
  10. You have family from out of town visiting and they want to go sight seeing.
  11. You lost power in your house and don’t feel like hanging out in the dark.
  12. You have to wake up early the next day and need to go to bed soon.
  13. Your girlfriend/boyfriend wants to hangout, and you don’t want to make them awkward by being a third wheel. 
  14. You’re in the middle of binge-watching a show on Netflix and don’t want to be bothered.
  15. You just picked up a new video game and can’t put it down.
  16. You forgot you had tickets to an event that night which you bought to months ago.
  17. Your pet is sick and need to nurse them back to health.
  18. There are cops patrolling the neighborhood looking for an escaped criminal. You don’t want your friend to get arrested by mistake.
  19. You got stuck babysitting the kid down the street.
  20. You hurt yourself at the gym and need to just relax while applying ice to injury.
  21. Coach said that the team has been playing like crap lately, and you need to practice harder before the next game.
So there you have it, 20 excuses to tell your friend not to come over. We hope you never have to use them but if you find yourself in a situation where you need to, then at least you have them at your disposal. Remember, friends are important but so is taking care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to put your own needs first every now and then.

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