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Excuses for leaving a sleepover

Sleepovers can happen at any age- whether it’s a party for your best mates in elementary school or an impromptu sleepover after a night out of drinking as an adult. But sometimes, you just aren’t in the mood to sleep in someone else’s bed, or even worse, the couch or floor, so you start thinking about excuses for leaving the sleepover.

Nobody likes a bad sleep and stiff neck. A good excuse can help get you out of an uncomfortable night sleeping in an unknown space. If the night is winding down and everyone is getting ready to sleep, now is the time to act. Check out this list of reasons and excuses to leave a friend’s house early when it comes time to go to bed. 

List of Excuses for Leaving a Sleepover Early as a Child or Teen

Age can help dictate appropriate reasons for leaving a sleepover early. For example, if you are in elementary school or high school, then using your own mother as an excuse is much more likely. Therefore, this list of excuses to leave a sleepover early for kids and young adults. 

  1. Your mom wants you home before bed. 
  2. You ate something bad at the sleepover, and now your stomach hurts, so you want to go home. 
  3. You had a bad dream and can’t get back to sleep. 
  4. You forgot your favorite stuffed animal and can’t get to sleep without it. 
  5. You have too much homework to do. 
  6. You have night terrors and are afraid of keeping them awake with your screams. 
  7. You have to go to church with your family early the following day. 
  8. Your sibling can’t go to sleep unless you’re there. 
  9. Your dad said no sleepovers until you are older. 
  10. You are afraid of dogs and can’t sleep with their dog in the house. 

List of Excuses for Leaving a Sleepover Early as an Adult 

Face it, as we get older, our bodies get more sensitive. It is way more likely you would leave a friend’s house to sleep in the comfort of your own bed as an adult. Therefore, these age-appropriate reasons for leaving a sleepover early are much more believable when you reach the age where a bad sleep can throw your back out of joint for a week afterwards. 

  1. Your back can’t handle sleeping in any other bed beside your own. 
  2. The air is too dry in the house, and you need your humidifier. 
  3. You need to sleep at home with your white noise machine.
  4. You have to get up early for work the next morning. 

  5. You need to get home to let the dog out. 
  6. You have to go home to feed your pets. 
  7. You have an important appointment in the morning you can’t miss. 
  8. You have to read your kids a bedtime story. 
  9. You can’t mess up your sleep hygiene routine otherwise, you won’t be able to sleep for a week. 
  10. You are an insomniac.
  11. You get sleep paralysis when you sleep somewhere new. 
  12. Your allergies are set off by something in their house. 
  13. You have sleep apnea and need your machine to breathe. 

Sometimes sleepovers can be great fun. But no matter if you’re twelve or thirty-five and just don’t want to sleep in someone else’s home, a good excuse can get you out of your friend’s house and sleeping in your own bed in no time. Therefore, keep this list in mind next time you need excuses to leave a friend’s house early when it comes time to sleepover.

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