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19 Excuses To Postpone A Drug Test & What To Do If You Fail

You might need to take a drug test in life for many reasons. And unfortunately, the outcome of failing one doesn’t yield good results for whatever situation you are in. If you think you will fail it, then you should have some excuses to postpone a drug test ready to go. 

If you cannot postpone and fail the drug test, you might also need some good excuses for failing it to get you out of hot water.

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      When we think of failing a drug test, we often think about olympian level athletes having their medals stripped from them, but the truth is, there are many other scenarios where you might have to take a drug test.

      Many professional and amateur sports leagues do random drug tests outside the Olympics too. Sports are not the only place where drug testing takes place either.

      a gold, silver, and bronze medal surrounded by different drugs

      Drug testing can also occur in places of employment, schools, and correctional facilities.

      Some work environments require a drug test before you are hired on as an employee, in addition to random drug tests even if you have been employed for a period of time. 

      Some schools also administer random drug tests if you are involved in extracurricular activities, not just sports.

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      If you have been in trouble with the law and are incarcerated, or on probation, clean urine will often be a requirement. 

      Finally. if you have been involved in an accident or got into trouble with the law, you might also be required to take a drug test to show that you were not under the influence when the incident occurred.

      Good excuses to postpone a drug test

      You can’t fail a drug test if you postpone it, right? You plan on eventually taking it and are not flat-out refusing, but you need to buy some time so the results do not come back positive. Below are some good excuses to postpone a drug test when you are afraid you might fail it.

      1. You are sick

      Normally you would have no problems taking the requested drug test, but you are currently sick and do not want to get anyone else sick either. It’s best you stay home, get some rest for a lengthy amount of time, and do the drug test once you are feeling better. 

      2. You got into an accident

      You were on your way to get tested, but were involved in an accident before you could arrive. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured. However, you will need to postpone your drug test because you need to:

      • File a police report
      • Make sure you aren’t seriously injured
      • Go home and rest

      3. Your babysitter bailed

      You were about to take the drug test when your babysitter called and said they had to bail. Under no circumstance are you going to leave your child unattended, so you will have to postpone your drug test until another time.

      4. You have to babysit

      Maybe you don’t have a child, but your sister, brother, cousin, or friend does, and they need your help urgently. You can use this as an excuse to postpone a drug test in a pinch.

      5. You are going out of town

      Another good excuse to miss a drug test is to say that you’re currently out of town. It could have been a spur-of-the-moment type trip that was unavoidable. When you get back into town, you will take the drug test as planned. 

      6. You are having an allergic reaction

      Using an allergic reaction is another one of those good excuses to postpone a drug test because unfortunately, you’ll be in no state to provide a sample in your current condition. Some allergic reactions can be quite serious, such as a peanut or seafood allergy. Other allergies can be milder, but still annoying to deal with. 

      Excuses for failing a drug test

      Coming up with excuses for failing a drug test is difficult because if you fail, no one will likely believe you. However, there are still some excuses that are worth a try to explain your failed drug test.

      1. There must have been an error with the test

      Run the test again! You can claim that there has to be an error with the test because there is no possible way that you could have failed. Of course, if you’re going to use this excuse for failing your drug test, you better be certain that you will pass it if you are lucky enough to take it again.

      2. You are on a medication that skewed the results

      There are a number of medications that can cause false positive results from a drug test. Many of these medications are quite common and can be found in things like cough syrup, allergy medicine, anti-inflammatories, and anti-depressants. 

      Image source: https://www.goodrx.com/drugs/side-effects/these-medications-can-cause-a-false-positive-on-drug-tests

      3. Someone drugged you

      You were out the night before to meet some old friends at a local bar but have little to no memory of how the night ended. Someone must have drugged you by slipping something into your drink, which is why you failed your drug test. 

      4. My food was contaminated

      It’s possible your food was contaminated with drugs without your knowledge. This type of thing has been reported and occurred in the past, so it’s possible that it happened again with you.

      5. Someone set me up

      Maybe it was a jealous friend, an angry ex-lover, or a sworn enemy because it certainly wasn’t you! If you failed a drug test, you can try and use the excuse that someone set you up.  However, if you use this excuse for why you failed your drug test, then it might pose the question of why you have such an enemy that would be willing to do this to you. 

      6. It was an accident

      You slipped and fell into a pile of cocaine. Okay, maybe that example is a bit extreme, but you could play dumb and claim the reason you tested positive was completely accidental. Ignorance is bliss after all, right?

      Maybe you were innocently walking down the street and inhaled the marijuana smoke of someone else. Or perhaps you tried your friend’s vape, but it was filled with something you were not expecting. There are many accidental scenarios you could try and use as an excuse for failing a drug test, you’ll just have to get creative.

      Excuses to not take a drug test (you refuse)

      There are some people who might want to avoid taking a drug test for other reasons, aside from the fear of failing it. Here are some excuses to not take a drug test even when you have nothing in your system.

      1. It violates your human rights

      You might believe that taking a drug test against your will in order to prove what is in your body is a violation of your rights. If you use this excuse, ensure you are well-versed in human rights violations. It will also help to plead your case with conviction and strong (but polite) language. 

      2. You do not consent

      You do not consent. Plain and simple. You don’t want to do the damn test! 

      3. Regardless of the results, it won’t change who you are as a person

      If you pass or fail the test, it’s not going to change who you are as a person. What’s done is done, and history cannot be rewritten.

      4. You don’t trust the person doing the test

      Do you have trust issues? Well if so, then you can claim that the person administering the test is not to be trusted. You are afraid they will modify the results to paint you in a bad light. Maybe you’ll consent to do the test if the person providing the results is replaced with someone else.

      5. The last time you took a drug test, it provided false results

      Speaking of trust issues, you are having difficulty agreeing to do another drug test because the last time you did, the results claimed you were guilty even though you weren’t. 

      6. You will not take the test and live with the consequences

      Nobody can force you to pee in a cup or provide a blood sample if you don’t want to. However, there could be consequences if you do not provide a sample. If this is the case, then you will live with those consequences. 

      7. You are paranoid about providing DNA samples 

      You can never be too careful these days, especially when it comes to providing people with samples of your DNA. Being paranoid about giving away your DNA is more common than you think. 

      Hopefully some of these excuses to postpone a drug test or fail a drug test help you get out of an uncomfortable situation.

      However, sometimes the punishment for failing a drug test might act as a deterrent for the future. Sometimes people need to learn lessons the hard way, even if it means losing out on that job, being suspended from school, or having their sporting accolades stripped from them.

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