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Excuses for not showering

Sometimes rolling out of bed and getting where you need to as quickly as possible is a must. If you skipped out on a shower that day and people gave you dirty looks or commented on your body odour, having an excuse at the ready can save you some embarrassment. 

Maybe you showed up to an event smelling like day-old socks, your armpits reek of sweat, or you are looking disheveled as ever, lack of hygiene can be an unflattering look. But you can get away with not showering by providing a quick excuse instead, one people won’t question. 

Here is a list of excuses to use for not showering before seeing people:

  1. The hot water heater wasn’t working.
  2. Your alarm went off late and you didn’t have time. 
  3. There was a power outage right before you were going to hop in the shower.
  4. You don’t shower every day to save money on the water bill. 
  5. A pipe burst in your bathroom. 
  6. You ran out of time getting the kids ready for school. 
  7. The shower head broke unexpectedly, and you couldn’t fix it in time. 
  8. You thought using dry shampoo was enough.
  9. Your roommate/partner used up all the hot water for their shower.
  10. Your favourite show was on tv, and you just had to watch it instead.
  11. You have a genetic body odor problem and it’s too embarrassing to talk about, so please don’t mention it again. 
  12. You did shower but then someone rubbed their body odor all of you in the elevator or in line at the coffee shop. 
  13. You found a nest of baby spiders in your bathroom, and now you must set the whole place on fire to get rid of them. 
  14. A mouse climbed out of the shower drain and you were too scared to use it after that. 

I hope this has given you a good laugh and maybe even inspired you to take a shower (if you really need one). At the end of the day, we all have our own standards of hygiene and we should all respect each other for that. So, if you really don’t feel like showering today, just don’t let anyone else know!

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