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a guy cums fast and his girlfriend is upset

19 Excuses For When A Guy Cums Fast (Sticky Situation)

It might be embarrassing, it might not happen all the time, and your partner might feel unsatisfied after it’s over. It can happen to the best of us. Premature ejaculation is an unfortunate condition where a guy cums fast because he can’t control it.

If this happens to you, it’s not the end of the world. There might be an awkward period of time shortly after the deed is done… followed by laughter. But remember, you can always make up for it with another shot on goal.

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      Hopefully, you’re having sex with someone you trust and will be able to overcome any awkwardness or obstacles that are caused by your lack of stamina under the sheets.  If not, then we’ve got a pretty good list of excuses below.

      19 Excuses for when a guy cums fast

      There are lots of reasons for premature ejaculation, therefore, we felt like it was a good idea to put together a legit list of excuses for when a guy cums fast. If we missed any, leave a comment below (if you dare).

      1. Your partner is very attractive

      Blaming your partner for being too darn attractive is a good excuse for when a guy cums fast. By blaming it on their stunning beauty, you are paying them a compliment. This may relieve some of the awkwardness after you’re finished, or maybe your partner is tired of hearing this from guys they have slept with.

      2. Haven’t had sex in a long time

      If you’ve ever been on a dry spell and not had sexual intimacy with another individual for a long time, then it’s understandable that you might cum too fast when the act begins. If this is your situation, then hopefully, if you get another chance to have sex again, you won’t have the same outcome.

      3. You are a virgin

      Relax if you are a virgin and it’s your first time. It’s completely normal. After all, you don’t really know what to expect the first time you have sex. When a guy cums quick, and it’s their first time, it’s almost customary. Hopefully, the more you do it, the more practice you’ll get. If you are able to practice a few more times, then you shouldn’t be surprised if 10 seconds turns into 10 minutes.

      4. You were thinking about it all-day

      guy excited he's about to get some

      Maybe you knew you would have sex later that night, and when the time finally came around, you finished faster than usual.  You were so excited that you just couldn’t help yourself. Next time, try not to think about it so much and let things play out naturally.

      5. It was nerves

      If you suffer from anxiety, this might be a common theme. Your partner might think, “Why does my boyfriend finish so fast?” If you get nervous before sex, try to have an open conversation with your partner to explain your situation.

      Sexual anxiety is a real condition that can affect people and their relationships significantly. Sexual anxiety can happen to anyone, whether it’s a one-night stand or if you’re in a long-term relationship. The best cure for it is to talk about it with your partner to try and relieve some of those nerves.

      6. You were tired

      man sleeping in bed with an unsatisfied wife or girlfriend

      Being tired because you didn’t sleep the night before or you’ve been up for a long time might explain why a guy cums fast. Maybe it’s because of your lack of energy from being sleep deprived, or you want to get it over with so you can finally go to bed. Either way, this is a very common excuse when a guy cums too fast.

      7. It’s an off day

      Everybody has off days. You can’t be expected to be Casanova every single day of the week. If you’re having an off day and finishing too quickly, attribute it to just that – an off day. Explain to your partner that you’ll return to your normal self tomorrow.

      8. It felt too good

      This is another excuse for when a guy cums fast that might make your partner feel special. Claiming that it felt too good for you to be able to control it could also come off as selfish. It depends on your partner and how frequently this happens. If you use this excuse for why you came too quickly, try to return the favor differently.

      9. You lost concentration

      Having sex requires a certain level of concentration if you are trying to last. You may have gotten distracted or lost yourself in the moment and broken your concentration. If this is what happened, then at least you can prepare better for next time and make sure you maintain focus.

      10. This never happens

      “I swear, this never happens!” is probably an expression both men and women hear all the time. If you’re using this excuse for why you came too fast, then you better back up your talk the next time you have sex because two strikes can quickly lead to three. At that point, you’ll need to start thinking of another excuse.

      11. You were doing them a favor

      This is a weird excuse for a guy to use if they cum too fast. It will also potentially lead to a fight or argument. If you dare to use this excuse, you can say that you thought your partner was bored and wanted to get it over with for their sake. Be prepared for your partner to call BS!

      12. Warming up for round two

      Like most athletes, you need to warm up before you get in the groove of things. Using this as an excuse for premature ejaculation can work as long as you can put up a strong performance in round two. If you’re a back-to-back dud, you may claim you were warming up for round three.

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      13. You are sick

      If you are sick, then you might find yourself finishing earlier than usual, or perhaps you won’t even be able to perform at all. Being sick can affect every part of your body, including your penis and your sex drive. Hopefully, you’ll be able to recover and get back to your normal self soon enough.

      14. Stopped going to the gym

      Going to the gym regularly can boost sexual performance. Maybe you were an avid gym rat, but something happened, and as a result, you haven’t been able to hit the weights in quite a while. If this is the case, then you can blame your premature ejaculation on your weak physical condition. If you use this excuse, you should follow it up by telling your partner that you promise to return to the gym to get your mojo back.

      15. It was practice

      This is another weird excuse to use if a guy cums faster than expected. You can claim you were practicing your control. You were trying to see how quick you could get off as an experiment. But don’t worry, it was a one-time thing, and you won’t practice this anymore.

      16. Not good at sex

      Maybe you are just not good at sex? If this is your excuse, then at least you’re being honest. The problem with this approach is that you might lose the opportunity to have sex with that person again unless they are willing to help you improve.

      17. Under the influence

      If you’ve been drinking or taking drugs, then you might have sexual side effects which could lead to your partner saying, “he came too fast” for me. Often, being intoxicated can lead to erectile dysfunction. So, don’t be surprised if this happens to you if you’re under the influence.

      18. You didn’t have a lot of time

      Maybe you were late for work, late to an appointment, or were on the verge of missing school again. You aren’t great at managing your time, but you still wanted some action. For this reason, you decided to cum faster than usual, so you could be on your way and make sure you aren’t late for whatever you have planned. This excuse might seem inconsiderate, so if you use it, try to make it up to your partner later.

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      19. Haven’t you ever heard of a quickie?

      There is a time and a place for having a quickie with your partner. Hopefully, it’s not ALL the time, but there are definitely situations where a quickie is warranted. Airplane bathroom, anyone?

      Do guys get embarrassed when they cum fast?

      man embarrassed in front of his partner while sitting on the edge of the bed

      Yes. Guys can become extremely embarrassed when they cum fast and their partner expects more. It’s a sensitive topic for many men who experience this type of erectile dysfunction. If you care about your partner and don’t want them to be embarrassed, then it’s a good idea to talk to them about why it might have happened and reassure them that it’s not a big deal.

      Why does my boyfriend cum so fast?

      There are many reasons why your boyfriend might cum so fast. Being too turned on, lack of experience, physical conditioning, or sexual anxiety can all play a factor. Alternatively, they might only care about their own orgasm and not yours. Open conversation with your boyfriend is the best way to figure out why they cum so fast and if there is anything to do to fix it. Remember, it’s not your fault.

      At the end of the day, if you are a guy that experiences premature ejaculation from time to time, it’s not the end of the world. Every guy experiences it from time to time, and there are measures to improve his stamina. A healthy diet, regular exercise, open conversation, and repeat practice can contribute to your transformation from dud to stud!

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