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61 Believable Excuses To Get Out Of Plans

Bailing on plans you made with someone is never a nice thing to do, especially if it’s a last-minute cancelation.  People look forward to going out and seeing their friends, so when you flake on them it can leave them bored with nothing to do, and their feelings hurt.  That said, a lot of how badly you make someone feel by backing out of plans depends on which excuses to get out of plans you’ve used.

The scenario goes something like this; you were talking with your friends/gf/bf/family or whomever and you made plans.  It seemed like a fun idea at the time, but now that the day has arrived, you’d really rather not go out.  Maybe the weather sucks, you’re feeling tired, you’ve melted into your couch while binge watching a TV show, or maybe you’re engrossed in a novel that you can’t put down.  Whatever the reason, you don’t feel like going out anymore, but in order to escape the commitment you’ll need a really good excuse to get out of plans.

Ideally, the person you made plans with feels the same way as you, and canceling plans is mutually beneficial.  However, more often than not, even the best excuses for canceling plans will leave someone annoyed and maybe their feelings hurt.  In that case, the best thing you can do is minimize the damage is to at least offer a believable excuse for breaking plans, and follow up by scheduling another time to hang out.

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      Having trouble thinking of an excuse to get you off the hook?  Not to worry, we’ve got you covered in that department – just continue reading for our ready-made list of good excuses to cancel plans.

      Things to consider before you choose one of many excuses to get out of plans

      Canceling plans sucks, especially if it’s at the last minute.  We’ve all been on both sides of the situation so we know that telling someone you can’t go out is a touchy subject and that having someone bail on you can be really frustrating or even hurtful.  Nine times out of ten, getting bailed on is much worse than canceling, which is why it’s important to not only give an excuse, but also think about and evaluate how said excuse will make someone feel.

      That’s why any excuse for canceling plans you use should be:

      Plausible – It’s a no-brainer that the excuse needs to be believable, otherwise you’ll just be adding insult to injury.  It’s the same for all excuses (including excuses for smelling like alcohol) and concocting an outlandish excuse that’s obviously not true is definitely not the way to go.

      Worthwhile – If you don’t want someone to feel like you’re just blowing them off, then giving an excuse that’s worthy of canceling plans is important.  Saying you have a hang nail wouldn’t be enough to save someone’s feelings, but claiming that your apartment is flooding would be totally legitimate.

      Risk factor – As with any excuse that isn’t true, there’s always the risk of getting caught in a lie.  That’s why the best excuses for canceling plans are honest, and barring that, then they better be simple, unverifiable and crafted so as not to invite many follow up questions.

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      Last minute excuses to get out of plans

      There are times when we all want to bail on our friends and cancel plans.  That’s when etiquette suggests that canceling plans should be done as far in advance as possible.  This will give the person the opportunity to find something else to do, or for both of you to reschedule on a more convenient date.  Of course, it’s not always possible to know ahead of time that you won’t be able to or won’t want to go out, in which case you’ll need to come up with a good last-minute excuse to cancel plans.

      brunette woman with red fingernails lies in bed blowing her nose because she's sick

      1. You’re feeling sick

      This is probably the most used excuse for getting out of plans in the book, and with good reason.  You can get sick at any time, and it’s never a good idea to go out to see people when you’re feeling under the weather.  Not only do you risk spreading the bug, but you’ll likely also be less-than-enjoyable company.

      man in blue shirt in shock because he forgot about plans he made

      2. You forgot about the plan

      Life is hectic and sometimes things get overlooked – it’s happened to everyone at some point.  That’s why saying you “totally forgot” is a great excuse to get out of plans last minute.  It won’t hurt someone’s feelings and it will let you escape without needing to come up with an elaborate reason.

      older mom and dad visiting their kids and having a good laugh over dinner

      3. Your parents are making a surprise visit

      Living on your own has more perks than you’d think – especially when you need an excuse to break plans with someone on short notice.  You can always say that your parents are in town and they want to stop by for a visit.  You don’t get to see them all that often, which is why you need to cancel and hang out with them instead.

      man looking tired as he's stuck in his office with lots of paperwork on his desk

      4. Something came up at work

      You’re trying to get your career off the ground, and that means when your boss asks you to stay late, you really should say yes.  We recommend weighing the plans you’re breaking, and whether the person who you’re canceling on will understand if you put work first this time.

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      5. You forgot it was your dad/mom/brother/sister’s birthday

      Yes, you’re kind of a crappy person if you forget your family’s birthdays, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.  This excuse also works even if it’s not the actual day of, because it could just be their birthday party, but either way, you need to be there for your family.

      black man sits on a couch drinking tea while surrounded by kleenex and medications because he has the flu

      6. You might have been exposed to covid

      You were out a few days ago (at a party, a club, a convention, or even just your office for work) and you got a text saying that someone you interacted with has come down with covid.  It’s better not to risk spreading it, so you’re going to lay low for a week and keep testing to see if you’ve got it too.  Your friends won’t want to get sick themselves, so they’ll understand that you need to cancel your plans with them.

      woman site on the floor with her laptop looking frustrated because her babysitter canceled and she cant find another one

      7. The babysitter canceled

      Kids are great, especially when they help you get out of doing things you’d rather not do.  They need you, and that’s why using the babysitter not showing up as an excuse to get out of plans works so well.

      ambulance takes a person away while they wave that they're going to be ok

      8. You have a family emergency

      Family takes precedence, so when you found out that you’re needed for a family emergency (illness, accident, flooding, etc.) you’ll have to cancel your other plans and help out.  No one is going to hold it against you if you bailed on them to help out your folks, so this is a good excuse for canceling plans.

      man in blue spandex wraps a bandage around his elbow

      9. You hurt yourself

      Maybe you tripped and sprained your ankle, jammed your wrist in a tumble, or put out your back lifting heavy at the gym.  Whatever happened, you don’t think it’s a good idea if you go out today, which is why you’re canceling your plans and rescheduling them for another date.

      man shows you his empty wallet and uses being broke as an excuse to get out of plans

      10. You’re broke

      You don’t have enough money to go out until you get paid next week.  You don’t want to be a financial drag so you’re telling your friends you’re too broke to hang out.  You might have to rebuke the offer that someone will pay your way, but if you stay firm, this is a valid excuse to get out of plans you made.

      woman checks her calendar because her excuse for canceling plans was that she thought it was next week

      11. You thought your plans were for next week

      Similar to forgetting plans altogether, thinking you made them for another day is a good excuse to cancel on someone short notice.  You’ve been really busy lately and you must have written down the wrong date in your calendar.  It happens and whoever you’re standing up will understand – just don’t use the same excuse next time or they might start asking questions.

      man sits on the bumper of his grey car which has its hood open because it broke down

      12. Your car broke down

      Your car breaking down is a pretty cut-and-dry excuse for canceling plans.  Either you live too far away, you’re stuck taking your car to the shop, or you won’t be ready in time thanks to the issue.  Regardless of why you can’t make it, a vehicle in need of repairs can provide a useable excuse.

      Here are a few things that could have gone wrong with your car:

      • The radiator blew and the car overheated
      • Your brakes are worn out
      • Your engine blew up
      • The starter motor doesn’t work
      • Your alternator broke

      13. You can’t get a ride

      This excuse can be used in tandem with your car breaking down (if you drive), otherwise, it works perfectly as a standalone as well.  Use this excuse if your travel time is a real hassle or if something like inclement weather is holding you back from venturing forth without a ride.  This excuse can be used a lot, like as an excuse to miss school).

      14. You have a household emergency to take care of

      Household emergencies like a burst pipe, a kitchen fire, an overflowing toilet, home renovations and more can be perfect excuses for getting out of plans on short notice.  It’s obvious that your hands are tied on the matter, and that you need to take care of things immediately.  Hanging out with friends or family will have to wait.

      15. Your friend is having a tough time

      If you don’t want to go out or do something, then saying you need to help a friend who’s in a rough spot right now can be a good excuse.  Tell the person you’re canceling on that you value their time and want to see them, but you’re worried about another friend and need to make sure they’re ok.

      16. Your wallet got stolen

      Your wallet likely contains most of your life – from bank or credit cards to driver’s licenses, health cards, and cash.  If it gets stolen, you’ll probably need to put your social life on hold while you sort a few things out.  Instead of going to do whatever it was you’re canceling, you’ll need to report your cards as stolen and get replacements instead.

      17. You weren’t sure if the plan was happening

      Sometimes the plans you make will have been rather “loosely made”.  If that’s the case, then the plans probably aren’t that important to begin with and breaking them won’t be that big of a deal.

      18. You forgot you already had other plans

      You double-booked yourself for the evening.  It sucks but it happens – more often than you’d think.  You’ll need to decide which option is more important to you, and then offer to make it up to the other person.  This excuse works really well, but be prepared for some hurt feelings if you don’t choose and handle things correctly.

      19. You’re stuck running errands

      If you work a lot and don’t get much time for chores/errands, then this is the excuse for canceling plans you were looking for.  Sometimes errands just take longer to get done (blame it on traffic, or long lines at the grocery store) and that’s why you’re running too late to make your plans today.

      woman asleep in bed holding her smartphone in her hand

      20. You fell asleep with your phone on silent

      You knew you had plans but you were totally exhausted from work and took a nap when you got home.  Your phone was still on silent from earlier, which is why you missed all the attempts that were made to reach you.  You feel like a jackass for going mia, but you promise to make it up next time.

      21. You want to work on your hobby

      If you really don’t feel like going out, then making an excuse to get out of plans might be necessary.  Depending on what plans you are canceling, you could say that you want to work on one of your hobbies instead.  It might piss the other person off a bit (being sidelined for a hobby), but at least it will be honest and direct in its message.

      22. You need to put some time into your side hustle

      You can use this excuse pretty easily because there’s no shame in trying to get yourself ahead.  Sometimes having plans will get in the way of progress, which is why you’re bailing and focusing on more important things.

      23. You need to stay home and study

      You thought you’d be better prepared for your exam at this point, but you’ve been procrastinating and now you’re really under the gun.  You’d love to come chill but you really need to stay home and cram instead.

      24. You got asked out on a Tinder date

      Sometimes you need to strike while the iron is hot, and that’s never truer than when dating on Tinder (or Bumble, or POF, etc).  You might not get another chance to go on a date with this potentially awesome person, so you’re blowing off someone else to seize the opportunity.  Your friends and parents will understand if you use this excuse to cancel plans on short notice, but you shouldn’t use it too often otherwise you risk making them feel unimportant in your life.

      Work related excuses to get out of plans

      One of the most used categories of excuses to get out of plans is blaming your cancelation on work.  That’s because work is important, and your work schedule is often out of your hands.  Good luck being promoted if you’re always choosing to do social things instead of knuckling down and getting things done for your career.  Your friends and family will understand, and this type of excuse is good for both short notice cancelations as well as breaking plans in advance.  Keep reading for our list of good work-related excuses to get out plans.

      1. You’re exhausted from work

      You just got home after a long day at work and now you’re too tired to do anything else.  You’ll be lucky if you find the energy to order some Uber eats and feed yourself, let alone meet your friends at the bar for drinks.  You’ll make it up to them next week though for sure.

      2. You got called in to cover a shift

      You were supposed to have the day/night off but you just got called in to work by your supervisor.  Turns out someone didn’t show up for their shift and now it’s on you to cover for them.  This excuse for canceling plans works well because you can’t be expected to risk your job just to go hang out.

      business man sits at home on his computer trying to catch up on work after hours

      3. You have to catch up on work

      You work hard but don’t seem to get anywhere.  The tasks just keep piling up and that’s why you need to spend the evening trying to get stuff done instead of going out with your friends.

      4. Your boss asked you to stay late

      If you had after work drink plans, or made reservations for dinner, then your boss asking you to stay late at the office could be the excuse to get out of those plans that you were looking for.  Deflecting the blame away from yourself is one of the best things you can do when making excuses, and this idea accomplishes that perfectly.

      5. You got invited to dinner with your superiors

      You’re climbing the corporate ladder or trying to get a better placement, so when your boss or supervisor asks you out to dinner (or some other function), there’s just no way you can decline the invitation.

      6. You have a super early shift tomorrow

      This excuse works best for nighttime engagements because it’s not reasonable for someone to ask you to go to work the next day without enough sleep.  Your performance will suffer and it could be downright dangerous, which is why you’re canceling plans due to having an early morning shift tomorrow.

      Illness related excuses to cancel plans

      If you’re sick you’re sick and there’s not much you can do except try to get better asap.  A component of feeling better fast is taking it easy and making sure you get the rest your body needs to recuperate.  That means no going out, no staying up late, and not spreading your germs around and infecting others in the process.  That’s why illness related excuses to cancel plans are perfect for saving face, not hurting anyone’s feelings, and most importantly – not doing the things you don’t want to do.

      1. You’re still too hungover from last night

      Were you out partying last night?  Then you have the perfect excuse to cancel plans because you’re feeling crappy.  If your head is thumping and your stomach turning, then why would you want to go out.  You probably wouldn’t even make it past the front door, so call or text your friends and move your plans to another day.

      2. You have a migraine

      When you have a migraine there’s not much you can do besides curl up in bed or on the couch with the lights out and nurse your head.  No way can you attend any kind of social function or have fun with your friends.  Anyone who’s ever had a migraine can attest that this is one of the best excuses for getting out of plans that works without saying another word.

      3. You have an upset stomach

      Similarly to a migraine, an upset stomach will seriously derail any plans you had for the day.  It’s especially true if your upset stomach comes with a case of diarrhea, in which case, venturing too far from your toilet wouldn’t be a good idea.  Tell your friends your stomach is upset and reschedule your plans – it’s that simple.

      4. Your pet is sick or needs to go to the vet

      We love our pets and they’ll always take precedence over going out and socializing.  If your friends baulk at your excuse to cancel plans with them, then you need to get new friends – one’s with a bit more compassion.

      5. Someone you live with is feeling sick

      If someone you live with is sick then it’s likely that you are, or will be contagious yourself soon too.  That means going out amongst people isn’t a good idea, and most wouldn’t want to see you anyways.  Not to mention, you might also be needed to help out around the home and take care of your loved ones.

      6. Your parents are sick and you need to take care of them

      If your parents are sick, it’s your duty to take care of them if they need your help.  That will supersede any previous engagements you might have had, and force you into rescheduling your plans.  No one will be mad at you for using this as an excuse to cancel your plans with them.

      woman in grey sweater is pulling her black hair because she's dealing with a mental health issue

      7. You’re suffering from a mental health issue

      Sometimes you just don’t feel quite right mentally or emotionally.   If you think doing something will make you feel worse, or you might not be able to handle it, that’s ok, just don’t do it.  If you’re close to and trust the person you are breaking plans with, then it might be a good idea to tell them the truth.  Who knows, maybe they can help you out in some regard.

      Best excuses to cancel plans with your girlfriend

      Canceling plans with your significant other can quickly turn into a can-of-worms that you’d rather not have opened – which is why you better make sure you really need to cancel plans in the first place.  Our recommendation is to be open and honest about what’s going on, because who knows, maybe your partner feels the same way.  At the very least, they need to understand where you’re coming from and why you want to break your plans, because at the end of the day you should both be on the same page. However, if you do need an excuse to get out of plans with your girlfriend, we’ve got a few suggestions.

      1. You’re broke

      A legitimate excuse for getting out of plans you made is that you usually need money to do things.  If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t like not holding up their side of financials, then being broke will really throw a wrench into your ability to keep plans.  If you ask us, a relationship is built on the principle of give and take, meaning it’s ok to ask your gf to pay, and you can pick up the bill next time, but to each their own.

      2. Something came up

      Sometimes things just come up at the last minute.  Like maybe your buddy got tickets to the basketball game, or your parents are in town, or your friends are having an impromptu poker night.  These are all things you’d probably really like to say yes to, which means that you might need to make an excuse to cancel plans with your gf.

      Don’t feel like hanging out?

      73 Good Excuses To Not Hang Out With Someone

      3. You’re feeling under the weather

      You’re feeling lousy and that means you’d rather hang out on the couch or in bed today.  Last thing you want to do is go trapsing around town doing date stuff.  You love your girlfriend, but if you’re sick then you might just need to lay low for a few days.  You don’t want to get her sick too either.

      text message with gf about going out with your friends

      4. You need some time with the boys

      If your guy friends made plans to get together it can be hard to resist joining in – and sometimes you shouldn’t.  Of course, it depends on what kind of plans you’re breaking, but we recommend being open with your girlfriend about what you want and coming to a compromise with her.  Use this as an excuse to bail on plans with her, but make sure you’re being fair about it.

      Excuses to cancel plans with your boyfriend

      Just like the boys, girls need some time away from their significant others too.  Sometimes the plans you made together are just in the way of the things you really want to do and you need an out.  That’s when our list of best excuses to get out of plans with your boyfriend could come in really handy.  Keep reading.

      1. You just got your period

      It’s a fact of life and unfortunately it can be really uncomfortable for you.  If you’re not feeling up to it, then just let your boyfriend know what’s going on and reschedule your plans for later.

      2. Your parents said you can’t go

      If you’re younger and dating, chances are that your parents will be more involved in things than you might like.  That means asking permission to go on dates and more, which sucks, but it can also be a blessing in disguise – like when you you’d rather not go on a date and just do your own thing.

      3. Your roommate needs you

      Roomies stick together, isn’t that right?  Yes, it is, and that’s why if you don’t want to go do something, then saying your roommate needs your help can be a really good excuse to cancel plans with your boyfriend.

      4. You’re not in the right headspace

      If your mind is in turmoil or you’re feeling stressed, it might not be a great idea to go on a date with your boyfriend.  Who knows, you might lose your cool, say something you don’t really mean and hurt his feelings, or just have a miserable time.  Maybe just staying in and watching a movie (it can be the two of you) is a much more suitable option than going out if your head is not in it.

      Honest excuses for canceling plans

      It’s not a bad thing to make excuses to get out of plans, but if you can, going the honest route is usually preferred.  That way your friends will know where your head is at and won’t feel offended that you’ve given them some weak excuse to cancel your plans.  Weigh the situation, and if an honest reason is possible, we suggest you go with that option.  Here are a handful of honest excuses for canceling plans you can use.

      1. You aren’t feeling up to seeing people

      It’s just how it is sometimes.  Maybe you’ve had a long week, or a rough day and socializing just isn’t in the cards.  It’s ok to take a break or some time to yourself, and telling your friends as much can go a long way to being the open and trustworthy person you want to be.

      2. You don’t want to hang out with so and so

      This excuse for canceling plans is good for times when you have plans with a group of people.  Maybe someone who you don’t get along with, or would really rather not be around is involved, in which case you can use that as your reason for bailing.

      3. You had a rough day

      You’re stressed out and tired.  The last thing on your mind is getting yourself together and going socializing.  Your friends might try to get you to come out anyways, but trust us, they’ll understand and be thankful for your honesty.

      woman lies in bed in obvious distress because she made plans but doesnt want to go out anymore

      4. You don’t feel like it

      We all have times when we made plans but then really don’t feel like following through when the time comes.  It doesn’t really matter what the reason is, because if you don’t feel like it, then you just don’t feel like it.  Maybe you can change your plans to do something else, or just reschedule them for a day when you’ll hopefully be more interested and livelier.

      5. You have something more pressing to do

      This is a good honest excuse to cancel plans with people who you see a lot.  For example, maybe you have a friend or two who you hang out with every day (or close to it), and you typically have some sort of “loose plans” every day.  There’s nothing wrong with having something more urgent to do once in a while and breaking plans to go do it.

      Funny excuses to cancel plans

      As likely to make you look like an idiot as they are to get you out of socializing, these funny excuses for getting out of plans you made can be used if you either have a great rapport with the person, or you just don’t give a damn.  You can always use one of the following excuses first, then follow up with an “I’m just kidding, the real reason is…” or something like that.

      1. You need to prepare for the zombie apocalypse

      Is it a reality?  Well not yet, but it could be one day…  Using this excuse to cancel plans will definitely tell people that you just don’t want to hang out, but at least you’re giving them a cheeky, humorous reason.

      2. You need to watch a rented movie and return it

      Don’t scoff at this idea because there are still movie rentals with an expiration time attached.  Grant it the classic VHS and DVD rental from the video store has gone the way of the dodo bird, but online rentals expire too.  One problem with this excuse is that whoever you’re giving it to might just ask to come over and watch the movie with you instead.

      3. You’re having an existential crisis

      What does it all mean?  Why are we here?  If your head is spinning with the immensity of it all, then maybe it’s better you take a couple days off from socializing.  Part funny, part serious, if you deliver this reason for canceling plans to someone, they’re going to be a little confused to say the least.

      4. You need to break in a new pair of pajamas

      Breaking in your new pajamas is really just code for “you’re going to stay in bed” instead of taking part in whatever plans you had for the day/evening.  It’s a funny way to get your point across, which will hopefully help keep the mood light when you give this funny excuse to get out of plans.

      5. You need to eat the leftovers in your fridge before they spoil

      On the list of important things you need to get done, eating everything in your fridge shouldn’t be anywhere near the top of the list, but somehow it is.  If you’re looking for a snide or cheeky way (you decide) to excuse yourself from plans, this might just be the one for you.

      More excuses to get out of plans

      The following are a totally uncategorized list of excuses to cancel plans that you can use anytime or for anybody.  They’re all worthy of your consideration and should work well to extricate you from a situation you’d rather not be in.  Enjoy!

      1. You have to help a friend move

      Helping a friend move is pretty important and you won’t really have much say in when they do it (rent the moving truck etc.).  That’s what makes it hard for someone to be angry with you for canceling plans you made to be a mover for a day.  Offer this excuse and reschedule your previous engagements to keep everyone happy.

      woman in black sweater folds colorful laundry

      2. You need to do laundry

      Laundry is one of chores that can be a real hassle to get done.  It’s a pretty time-consuming thing too, so if you’re a busy person, you’ll probably have canceled plans a few times already just to get your closet stocked up again.

      3. Your significant other is staying over

      They said they were only coming over for dinner but things went well and now your significant other is planning on spending the night.  That sucks for your friends if they were planning on meeting up with you, but don’t worry, they’ll understand.

      4. You need to wash your hair

      Washing your hair (if it’s long) takes time.  It’s not really the washing part either, it’s the drying, brushing and putting it together that’s the real issue.  The process can easily take an hour or more, which makes it a decent excuse to cancel plans you’d rather not be a part of.

      5. You have an appointment that you can’t reschedule

      You forgot you had that dentist appointment and made plans with someone else.  It’s probably easier to reschedule your friend than your dentist, so use this excuse to get out of plans for a hurt-free way to let your friend(s) down.

      6. You need to clean your home

      It’s tough to live in, let alone host people when your home is a filthy mess.  Just say you meant to have it cleaned by now, but stuff kept coming up, and you need to cancel your plans today so you can get your place back into the condition it should be in.

      How to not feel bad about making excuses to cancel plans

      We all make excuses but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel bad about it sometimes.  Yes, excuses kinda suck, but they are necessary to keep people from feeling bad or upset when we cancel plans.  There are also ways to keep yourself from feeling guilty when you make excuses to get yourself out of plans – keep reading.

      Only cancel plans if you really need to

      Chances are that many times you make plans you’ll feel like you don’t actually want to go when the time rolls around.  Maybe you’ll even struggle with a bad case of FOMO (fear of missing out) as you try and decide whether to go out or cancel.  We’d wager to say that more than half of us feel a sense of dread as the plans we made loom, so that’s perfectly normal.  Usually, we think mostly about the negative aspects of our plans and we generally make things seem worse than they are.  The best thing to do is just go with it, and head out the door, because chances are that you’ll have fun once you’re in the moment.  If not, then it’s nice to have some ready-made excuses to cancel plans in your back pocket.

      Apologize for bailing

      If you do end up canceling your plans, it’s important to offer an excuse and be apologetic about it.  You probably do feel genuinely bad for bailing on plans but sometimes you just need to do it.  Let the other person know that, and let them feel your sincerity.

      Call instead of texting

      As part of being sincere in your apology or excuse for canceling plans, picking up the phone and calling instead of texting can go a long way.  A text is just too easy and impersonal, whereas a phone call doesn’t feel as much as if you’re just brushing someone off.

      Ask if you can reschedule

      Asking to reschedule your plans shows that you are sincere about wanting to spend time with this person.  Only make this offer if you’re actually committed to keeping your plans though.  Rescheduling can also give you a good opportunity to change the plan to something you prefer if that’s what was holding you back in the first place.

      Cover your share

      If the plans you’re breaking come with any financial commitment, then it’s important that you pay your share.  It’s bad enough to get bailed on, but if you also get stuck with non-refundable tickets, for example, that just adds insult to injury

      man in grey shirt rubs the back of his head as he is on the phone making excuses to get out plans

      More about making excuses to bail on someone

      Making excuses to get out of plans is just something people do.  Things come up, interests change, and sometimes we just don’t feel like it.  At times you’ll be on the giving end, and next you’ll be the one receiving the excuses.

      Generally, you shouldn’t make excuses if you don’t need to, by which we mean you should stick to your plans, or don’t make them in the first place.  If you do need to make an excuse then do it courteously and don’t hurt someone’s feelings because you changed your mind.

      If the shoe is on the other foot, don’t get offended or take it personally if someone cancels on you with an excuse.  These things happen and it’s all part of the give and take process that we call friendship.

      Be aware that just because you have an excuse, doesn’t mean that someone won’t be disappointed.  Being the cause of hurt feelings is always something you should avoid, so only cancel when you really need to and use some care and consideration if you do.  In this regard, honesty is usually the best policy.

      We hope you’ve enjoyed reading all our best excuses for canceling plans that we’ve accumulated for this article.  In most scenarios, people are very understanding of your need to cancel plans, but being able to give them a believable excuse is a necessary courtesy when you need to get out of plans you made.

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