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Excuses for calling too late at night

If you’ve ever called someone too late at night, you know the feeling of dread that comes with it. You know that you’re about to wake someone up, and you feel terrible about it. But sometimes, you just can’t help it. You’ve been thinking about that person all day, or perhaps there is an urgent matter at hand and you just have to talk to them. So you make the call, and hope for the best.
They answer the phone with a groggy voice and it’s clear they were asleep.  On top of that, they are clearly not happy about being woken up.  You start apologizing and saying how sorry you are for calling so late, but it really couldn’t wait…

Here is a list of excuses for calling too late at night

  1. You simply lost track of time.
  2. You were working late and didn’t have the opportunity to call until now.
  3. You had family over, and had to wait until they left before you could call.
  4. Your phone battery died and were not able to charge it until now.
  5. You were taking a nap, overslept, and didn’t check the time before you called.
  6. You got lost in a videogame for over 24 hours and finally snapped out of it.
  7. You had a weird feeling that they were in trouble, so you decided to call to make sure they were okay.
  8. You were feeling really sad and knew their voice would cheer you up.
  9. You were at the movies and the movie was over 3 hours long! We are talking Lord of the Rings long. 
  10. You were out at a bar and there was a mix up with your phone.  Someone took it by accident and you didn’t get it back until now. 
  11. You thought of something funny and knew that they would appreciate your dumb humor. 
  12. You lost track of time studying.
  13. You were at a party and didn’t want to be rude by leaving early. You also didn’t want to be rude by calling while at the party.
  14. You made too much food for dinner, and wanted to know if they needed any leftovers.
  15. You heard some howling outside your window, got scared, and needed some extra reassurance that werewolves are not real. 
  16. You are jetlagged from a trip you just went on and are still in a different time zone. 
  17. You were at a sleepover and everyone wanted to talk to you.
  18. You went super hard at the gym and you were so sore earlier, that you couldn’t move or even pick up your phone. 
  19. You were sleeping, had a nightmare about them, and wanted to make sure it was just a dream!
So there you have it, the next time you want to call someone late at night and you don’t want to seem like a creeper, you can use one of these excuses. Just remember to be sincere about it, or the other person will definitely see through your excuse and might not pickup the phone the next time you call!

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