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11 Must know excuses for wearing the wrong uniform

Many educational institutions implement a school uniform policy that their students are expected to adhere to when they go to school.  It’s seen all over the world, and not just in private schools.  Some teachers and parents are for it, while others are not.  As such, there is a lot of debate happening as to whether the policy is good or bad for students.  Good or bad, this leads to excuses for wearing the wrong uniform being a prevalent aspect of going to school.

Regardless of which side of this argument you position yourself on, there are some distinct pros and cons involved.

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      Pros & Cons of school uniforms

      School uniforms help increase student safety by deterring crime Uniforms can restrict students’ freedom of expression
      School pride, unity and commitment are increased School uniforms promote conformity instead of individuality
      Peer pressure and bullying are reduced by creating a level playing field for students Uniforms don’t stop bullying
      Uniforms prevent the wearing of gang colors, illicit visuals, and distracting clothing School uniforms are not proven to increase academic success
      Many teachers and parents support school uniforms Uniforms may make socio-economic divisions between communities worse
      Students can still express individuality by adding accessories Many students don’t agree with school uniforms
      Uniforms help parents save money School uniforms may negatively impact the self image of students
      School uniform rules are easier to enforce than a dress code Uniform adoption can be driven by an institution’s commercial interests
      Uniforms keep students focused on education, not fashion Students and parents should be allowed to freely decide on clothing
      Attendance and discipline are increased School uniforms impose an extra monetary cost on parents
      Punctuality of students is improved because uniforms make getting ready easier Uniforms may slow a students transition into adulthood

      Useable excuses for wearing the wrong uniform to class

      If you’re like many students (or parents of kids enrolled in a school that requires uniforms), it really might not be your cup of tea.  Maybe you have anxiety issues related to clothing, religious concerns, or are just really uncomfortable in certain clothes – it doesn’t matter.  At the end of the day, you’d just rather not abide by the dress code and live free so to speak.  It can be challenging to avoid the uniform but with some persistence and the right excuses, you might be able to have it your way, at least some of the time.

      Here’s our list of the best excuses for wearing the wrong uniform to school, and what you should say to your teachers to get away with it.

      school uniforms in a washing machine

      1. My uniform is in the wash

      It could have been a fall into some mud on the way to school, or an after-school event, but your laundry cycle just isn’t aligning correctly.  That’s why today you don’t have a clean uniform to wear, so you chose to go civil.  With school uniforms being so specific, unless you have multiple outfits, it can be difficult to wear the same thing every day.  It’s not like you’re making excuses for not showering.

      2. I hit a growth spurt and my uniform doesn’t fit

      Your teachers can’t expect you to wear an ill-fitting uniform, can they?  We’d say no, so until you’re able to procure a larger size, you’ll just have to wear something else to school.

      3. My uniform got burnt during ironing

      You did your best to look presentable, but you got distracted and your shirt, jacket, or pants now have a noticeable burn hole in them.  That’s why you showed up today in civilian dress, the main takeaway being that you still came to class.  This is one of the solid excuses for wearing the wrong uniform to school.

      4. My uniform is worn out

      A set of clothing you’re expected to use every day is going to take some wear and tear.  If your uniform is looking bombed out and depleted, this could be the excuse for not wearing the uniform you’re looking for.

      5. I forgot my uniform at my dad’s/mom’s/friend’s house

      If you split some of your time between your parents, this can be a handy excuse.  You were focused on your homework and you forgot to pack your uniform for the next day.

      puddle with rain drops splashing

      6. My uniform got soaked on the way to school

      School happens rain or shine, so it should be acceptable that you might need to wear something else for the time it takes your uniform to dry out.

      7. The uniform is too expensive for me to have multiple sets

      School uniforms are an extra expenditure, and sometimes your family might not be able to afford enough sets to make it through the week until laundry day.  This is in part a pity excuse, which helps it work if you don’t use it too often.

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      8. My family raised me as a non-conformist

      If this is your excuse, you must be one cool cat.  Of course, not many people will understand why you’re enrolled at a school that requires uniforms, but that’s beside the point.  Uniforms are cramping your right to freedom, so you’re making a stand on everyone’s behalf and wearing whatever the heck you want today.  Maybe not the best one of our excuses for wearing the wrong uniform, but who knows, it could work.

      9. The school uniform is uncomfortable to wear

      It makes sense that wearing a starchy collared shirt, vest, and sweater or jacket will rub some people the wrong way (pun intended).  This is a good excuse for not wearing a uniform because it makes it about functionality, not style, and that’s a harder point to ignore.

      10. A uniform makes me feel claustrophobic

      School uniforms are undoubtedly a bit stuffy.  Too much clothing, not enough air space, and definitely not an adequate amount of flexibility.  If you’re prone to claustrophobia, then uniforms can really have a detrimental effect on your comfort.  Feeling panicky isn’t something your teachers should want for you, meaning this excuse could let you get back into some comfier threads.

      11. I’ll follow a dress code but not wear a uniform

      You get it.  Having free reign when it comes to school fashion can sometimes be problematic when students abuse the privilege.  Gang wear, illicit slogans, clothing that is too revealing – these all exist in every school that doesn’t enforce a dress code or requires a uniform.  It makes sense that we could do without offensive clothing, but that doesn’t mean we need to look like the North Korean army while we’re trying to learn.  You’ll wear modest clothing in the school colors instead of the uniform.  Deal?
      angry female teacher looking like she's ready to dish out some punishment

      Consequences of not wearing a school uniform

      You chose not to wear a school uniform today, or in many cases, as parents you allowed your child to leave the house without the required dress.  It could have happened for many reasons, but now your child could face disciplinary action once they reach the classroom.  It’s better to be prepared, so here are some of the consequences of not wearing a school uniform.

      • You’ll be sent home for the day
      • You’ll be asked to change into a spare uniform (provided by the school)
      • Your teacher will give you a stern talking to
      • You’ll receive a warning
      • Too many warnings and you could get suspended from school
      • Keep doing your own thing and you could be expelled from school

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      1 year ago

      these are useless

      Hans Herbert
      1 year ago
      Reply to  bobu

      You don’t say…

      1 year ago
      Reply to  bobu


      11 months ago
      Reply to  bob

      we all coming on here just cause we need an excuse…
      i usually just say i only have one top and its in the wash. then if they say thats not good enough, i say that if they want me to have marks all over my top and smell like a week of sweat, than thats fine. if they want me to represent the school like that.

      or because i have design/wood tech i say that i have to wear overalls or some protective gear that would be weird with a skirt. or if ur in drama, say you have a part where u lie on the ground, and you didn’t feel like flashing the audience today

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