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excuses for blocking someone on social media

Excuses for blocking someone on social media (All platforms)

If you use social media on even a semi-regular basis, chances are you’ve probably had to block someone’s profile from interacting with you.  It’s almost inevitable, what with the multitude of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat etc.), the massive user bases, and our often rather large friends or following lists. These lists often contain not only our friends, but loose acquaintances, and more times than we’d like, people we don’t even really know in real life. 

That’s all good and well except when it leads to opinions clashing, and when we get put in a foul mood just by opening up our social media accounts.  Maybe it’s a difference in the political spectrum, or religious beliefs, or an ex that’s getting nasty, or even just someone’s sense of humor, but some profiles will serve no other purpose than to leave us feeling annoyed.  Many times it’s even worse, like when someone is being specifically malicious towards you, your posts, or someone you care about.  That’s when it’s in your best interest to block them, unfriend them or unfollow their accounts, and just get them out of your social media life (even if just for a little while). 

Luckily, we have the ability to do just that and take control of our experience by choosing who we want to be friends with, who we want to follow, and which topics to engage with.

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      Blocking someone’s account doesn’t just hide their content from you, it also prevents them from interacting with you.  It’s the best way to cut the people you’d rather not have anything to do with.  However, doing so can often put you at risk of receiving some blowback for the action, in which case you’ll want to have a few good excuses for blocking someone lined up and ready to go.  Keep reading to find out what some of our favorites are.

      The best excuses for blocking someone

      Excuses are sort of like the bricks that help keep our social media world from collapsing in on itself because they give us an easy way out of potentially sticky situations.  If you blocked someone, there was probably a good reason, and while they may not like it, they’ll just have to live with your decision.  That doesn’t mean the blocked or unfollowed party doesn’t deserve an explanation (or rather, an excuse), especially if you actually know them.

      Our list of best excuses for unfollowing someone is curated to be useful regardless of social media platform and can be used wherever you need them.

      Excuses for blocking someone on Instagram


      Ahh, good old Instagram, many people’s number-one platform.  That makes tailoring your list of follows more important than usual, which can sometimes be a bit finicky to do.  You’ll probably have most of your friends on there, alongside a lot of accounts you just randomly followed.  If it’s the latter, then no reason needs to be given, but if you know the person, you might need some sort of excuse for blocking or unfollowing someone on Instagram.

      1. I find your posts annoying

      Seeing the same thing over and over can get tiresome.  Like if your friend is always posting pics of their food, their gym workouts, their pets, or maybe they always show off things they’ve purchased.  Sometimes people even use of social media as an excuse for calling too late at night.  to Whatever it is, if it annoys you then it’s ok to make an excuse to block someone on Instagram.  If you want to take some of the sting out, just follow your excuse up with something like; “I like you as a person, just not the posts you make”.

      2. It’s because of the fight we had

      Maybe a disagreement turned into a full-blown fight, or your friend did something nasty like get with someone you were dating.  Long story short, you had a falling out and now you don’t want to see or hear from them anymore.  That’s fair and blocking them is a good way to really let them know you’re upset.

      3. I only added you out of pity

      This is a nasty excuse for blocking someone because it’s really going to make them feel bad.  It means you didn’t really want them in the first place, and now you’re dumping them completely.  It’s pretty rude, but if you want to make an impression this could be a good excuse to use.

      4. My account got hacked

      Social media account hacking is skyrocketing, which makes this excuse for blocking people work great as a “probable” excuse that leaves you blameless for your actions – because someone else took over your account.  It means you’ll probably be asked to add them back, but at least you can try to avoid the topic for as long as you can.

      5. I blocked you by accident (my thumb slipped)

      It happens.  Phones are small, mouse clicks can misfire, and you ended up blocking the wrong person by accident.  It’s an easy and legitimate excuse, but using it also means you’ll likely feel pressure to add the person you blocked back onto your friend list eventually. People may not believe your excuses for accidentally blocking someone, but it happens all the time.

      Useable excuses for blocking someone on Facebook

      Excuses for unfriending someone on Facebook are synonymous with those for blocking.  Unfortunately, this platform is often a bit touchier, because you’ll likely know most of your friends list in real life.  That’s why we recommend a more honest approach, if possible, although most other excuses to block someone we’ve included in this article will work too.

      1. Your posts are always negative and are bringing me down

      This sucks, that’s garbage, you’re wrong, I’m right”.  We’ve all had that lame person cluttering up our social media feeds.  Question is, why would anyone want to subject themselves to negativity like that on a constant basis?  It’s ok to have a difference of opinion, but if someone on your list is always posting things you find objectionable, then it’s probably time to let them go. 

      2. Your posts are a borderline hate crime

      Is someone on your list intent on spreading hate around the web?  Questionable politics you don’t agree with, racism, homophobia, or just generally hating on everything.  You know what they say, don’t let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch – get rid of them and offer this as the reason or excuse for blocking them.

      3. We always have a different opinion

      It’s tough to have your every thought contradicted, especially if it’s unrightfully so.  It’s even worse when things spill over into the comments on your posts for all to see.  Occasionally a discussion is great but if it’s a constant drag then you need to have a good excuse to unfriend someone.

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      Tailormade excuses for blocking someone on Snapchat

      excuses for blocking someone on snapchat

      You can use any of the reasons we list in this article as excuses to remove a friend on Snapchat, but the following have been proven to work quite well.  That doesn’t mean you won’t have to explain yourself further but at least you’ll have something ready to go at a moment’s notice.

      1. I went on an unfriending spree

      Sorry pal, you were collateral damage.  It’s nothing personal, I was just trimming down my follow list and you didn’t make the cut.  Maybe if we hung out more…

      2. Your posts are distracting

      We like this one because it’s one of the more friendly excuses for blocking someone on social media that you can use.  You’re not saying that the person doesn’t have anything to offer or that they’ve offended you, it’s simply a matter of you having a hard time focusing on more important things in your life.

      3. My therapist says you’re toxic

      Many emotional problems can be exacerbated by social media.  It’s too easy to fall into the trap of comparing your life with what others are posting, and it can be seriously draining and unhealthy.  It’s a fact that one of the first things a therapist will ask you to do is unfollow any accounts that are making you miserable.

      Creative excuses for blocking someone on TikTok

      excuses for blocking someone on snapchat

      Do you really need excuses to unfollow someone on TikTok?  Maybe you do if you know the person in real life, or if blocking them might come back to you in some way.  That’s when it’s better to have a reason you can provide if you’re ever confronted about your actions.

      Blocking a person on TikTok needs to be done sometimes.  It’s a very engaging platform, which means certain accounts can be really annoying, harmful, and just plain old get in the way of the stuff you really want to engage with. 

      1. My parents made me block you

      Even if they have your best interests at heart – parents will often meddle in your social affairs.  That’s what makes this such a great excuse for blocking someone on TikTok or other social media because it’s totally plausible and means you can still remain friends (secretly) in real life.

      2. Alexa or Siri did it

      Sure, blame the AI for blocking someone.  It could happen but eyebrows will likely be raised if you use it. 

      3. Sorry, I wanted to delete someone else

      Again, you’ll be pressured to re-add the person you blocked, but maybe they won’t even notice.  Either way, if you want to save face or feel like being nice, this excuse is a good way to take back the unfollow.  How very passive-aggressive of you 😊

      Plausible excuses for blocking someone on Twitter

      Twitter has a wealth of information that you can tap into, but tbh, the interface can be a little bit dry.  There’s no sense in having your feed jammed up with stuff you’d rather not see, so why not have some excuses to unfollow on Twitter?

      1. I’m done with networking

      A great excuse for blocking co-workers or people in your niche and industry.  It’s very unassuming and generally says “it’s nothing personal”.  People shouldn’t expect you to collect followers online just for the sake of it, so if you don’t know them in real life and they’ve ceased being useful, remove them.

      2. I’m taking my account in a different direction

      If you end up wanting to block, unfriend or unfollow people on your list who you don’t really know, then this can be the perfect excuse.  You have a different vision for what your social account should be like so you’re clearing house, it’s not personal.

      3. There’s just too much going on and I need to downsize

      Totally acceptable, especially on a platform like Twitter where it’s super easy to lose track of the topics you’re actually interested in.  It’s the perfect reason to streamline things a bit and get away from the push of irrelevant posts.

      The best excuses for blocking your ex

      best excuses for blocking your ex

      Breakups suck, but constant reminders about what your ex is up to can be tough emotionally.  The best thing for both parties to do when a relationship ends is move on and make your individual lives better.  It can be hard to do that though if every time you open social media you run into the person you once loved.  It’s even worse if they’ve moved on and you haven’t, so do yourself a favor and block them and stop getting emotionally stabbed in the heart.

      1. It’s not you it’s me

      We know it’s a cheesy saying, but in this case it really could be true.  You want to get over this person but it’s proving difficult when you’re always seeing reminders.  If they ever cared, then they’ll understand and not hold a grudge against you.

      2. You should be minding your own business

      Maybe you’ve got someone new, or maybe your ex is turning out to be a bit of a stalker.  Whatever the reason, if they’re not in your life, then there’s no need for them to be in your social media either.

      3. I need to respect the feelings of my new partner

      This happens all the time when a new relationship starts – one partner will ask the other to unfriend their ex on social media.  It’s not really a bad thing, because it helps cement the breakup, lets old wounds heal, and can be a nice gesture of commitment to your new partner.

      When should you block someone?

      Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter give us a place to connect online.  They are great places to go for entertainment, and information and to stay current with the people or things we care about. The world is your oyster and that’s never truer than when it’s all accessible through our electronic devices.  Social media is supposed to be fun, but if it’s not then we need to do something about it.  This can mean blocking or unfollowing toxic profiles and getting back some of our privacy.

      Everyone’s reasons for blocking or unfollowing are different, but it’s essentially an “I’ve had enough” move to let someone know you’d rather not deal with their nonsense any longer and that you’re done with them negatively affecting your life.

      You’re free to block anyone you wish, and you don’t need to feel sorry or ashamed because of it.  You’ve blocked them for your own sake – and it can be a necessary thing.  Accounts you block could include an ex who for one reason or another is bringing you down, a company or profile that promotes too much, or an account that posts things you find hateful and don’t agree with.  Bullying, harassment, and toxicity will all have a large impact on your well-being which means it’s high time for you to take a break.

      Sometimes blocking someone can be a bit of a mess though, especially when it concerns people you know in real life.  That’s because if the person finds out you blocked them, they will likely get upset whether you meant them to or not.  This is certainly true if they don’t think you should have blocked them and don’t understand why.  It can come off as passive-aggressive behavior and can quickly turn into arguments or resentment.  Blocking could also have the reverse effect where it causes someone to feel sad and guilty, which often happens with people in closer relationships.

      Before you block someone that you know, you should think about why you’re doing it, whether it’s necessary, and whether you can you live with the consequences.  Definitely make sure it’s over something meaningful, not just because you’re embarrassed for accidentally liking a photo or something like that. Relationships are difficult to manage, and blocking adds a type of finality to the issue.  If at all possible, it might be better to try and talk through any issues before you follow through with blocking or unfollowing their account.

      The biggest reasons to unfriend or block someone

      Let’s be clear, we’re not advocates of blocking someone unnecessarily.  After all, people’s feelings are at stake, and you might end up needing to explain yourself.  That said, there are also a ton of reasons to unfollow, unfriend, or block certain social media profiles – for your own sanity.

      1. Breakups are the biggest reason

      Unfortunately, not all relationships end well and sometimes hearts get broken.  The lucky ones can be civil or even continue a less romantic friendship, but most of us will want to forget that person even existed.  Seeing your ex happy with someone else can be tough, and even if it’s something you can stomach, it really isn’t healthy.  It might just be better to avoid the mental anguish and move on.

      2. They turned into a stalker

      If you’ve ever had this happen, you’ll know how annoying and even scary it can be.  Usually, a stalker is an ex who can’t get over the breakup, but it could also be a co-worker or someone you met at the gym and exchanged profiles with.  Feeling like your privacy is being invaded is a solid reason to block someone from your social media.

      3. Relatives that are too nosy

      Your aunt finally got social media, added you as a friend on Facebook, and now you can’t post a single thing without her blowing up the comments section.  Worse yet, she brings up what she sees at family functions, regardless of if it’s something embarrassing or compromising.  You can avoid her in real life, but online it’s much harder to do that – unless you block her.

      4. A friendship ended

      It’s sad but it happens, and the sooner both parties go their separate ways, the better it is for everyone.  It could also be because of a fight that went unresolved, and now you need some space.  It’s nicer if you talk it out in person but blocking works too.  You can always add them back as a friend down the road.

      5. People you never engage with

      Does your list look more like a collection than a group of friends?  It’s the case for lots of people and if it’s bogging you down, then consider getting rid of those you don’t know, or the profiles who you never engage with.

      6. You switched jobs

      Working in an office means you’ll likely pick up some co-workers on social media along the way.  You don’t ever hang out, and you never even spoke much, so when you switch jobs and leave the office you might want to unfriend the people who aren’t going to be in your life moving forward.

      7. You get tagged too often

      Tagging someone in a photo or post without their permission is a bit of a social media faux pas.  That doesn’t stop some people from doing it, often to a level where it starts to become embarrassing for you and causes problems in your life.  If they won’t stop when you ask, then you need to block them so they get the message.

      8. Irritating content

      We all have people like this in our friend list – the constant posters.  Pictures of breakfast, how cute their dog is ten times a day, every article they read the title of, etc.  It all boils down to being super annoying and frustrating, but you don’t want to ruin their fun or be rude.  That’s when blocking or unfollowing their profile is a totally viable solution.

      9. To put an end to abuse

      It’s easy to say things online, especially if you don’t know the person in normal life.  That’s why things like cyberbullying, sex shaming, grooming, emotional abuse, and other exploitative behavior is so prevalent.  If you find yourself being subjected to any of this unpleasantness by someone on your follow list, the solution is simple – block them and forget about it.

      10. You need to clear your mind

      Social media always has a lot going on.  There’s what your friends are doing, companies promoting themselves, cute animals, tutorial videos – you get the idea.  It can get to the point where the first thing you do in the morning is to check your profiles and that isn’t necessarily healthy for your mind.  If your feed is overwhelming your life, it’s time to take a step back.  Trim it all down to just the people you really care about and save yourself a lot of anxiety in the process.

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